Pick #2: Mystical Summer Floral Poke Bowl

The summer season offers us a lot of beautiful, peculiar flowers. Again, this week we have gathered them in a stunning composition to show you the colors and textures of all those seasonal beauts. Mix and match with vintage pinks, mystical purples, smashing red and a little gold… Check out our pick of this week: the Mystical Summer floral poke bowl!

Mystical Summer Floral Poke Bowl

Flowers in Pick #2: Mystical Summer Floral Poke Bowl

  1. Sedum Matrona – Fall is already slowly coming into our cooler… This great Sedum variety has a pale red color and combines really good with other peach and honey tones and browns.
  2. Eucalyptus Dyed Red – Another pale colored beauty. Although the name may scare you off a bit, This Eucalyptus variety looks very natural.
  3. Astrantia Million Star – For a little bit of contrast, use the cool looking Astrantia Million Star. The ultra-light silverish green color of the flowers is stunning!
  4. Nigella Damascus Pods Red – these odd looking pods are great for natural, delicate floral designs.
  5. Astrantia Star of Love – This dark burgundy colored Astrantia cannot be missed in our mystical summer floral poke bowl!
  6. Celosia C Act Dara – The peculiar shape of Celosia Cristata will definitely turn heads! Act Dare has a warm and fierce looking red color which combines fabulously with pinks an purples.
  7. Sedum Red Rainbow – Red Rainbow is a spray Sedum variety and the bulbs of flowers have colors varying from pale pink to cream.
  8. Senecio Maritima – This silverish grey Senecio cannot be missed in a mystic composition!
  9. Salvia Premium Plum Power – This is a real summer beauty! The delicate cone of purple flowers of Salvia Premium Plum Power adds texture to our mystical summer floral poke bowl.
  10. Eupatorium Purpureum – When the little bulbs of Eupatorium Purpureum open up, they look just amazing.
  11. Clematis Star River – The light lilac-colored petals of Clematis Star River are great for bohemian spirited floral designs.
  12. Limonium Donau Birds – This Limonium variety matches great with Clematis Star River!
  13. Oxypetalum Coeroleum – Also known as Tweedia. The pale light blue colored flowers are star-shaped and look adorable.
  14. Rose Cappuccino – An all-time favorite: as you can see, Cappuccino has such a versatile color; it matches great with the various purples, reds, and pinks in this bowl.
  15. Rose Cuba Libre – The glowing golden color of Cuba Libre makes sure this Rose is the eye-catcher of our mystical summer floral poke bowl!
  16. Carnation Viper Wine – Matches great with Calla Rudolph! Viper Wine has bi-colored petals.
  17. Calla Rudolph – The wonderful wine red color of Calla Rudolph brings elegance to every bouquet.
  18. Rose Memory Lane – The breathtaking pale pink Memory Lane Rose is perfect for late summer and fall wedding designs.
  19. Myosotis Blue – The lovely light blue colored flowers add contrast to our mystical summer floral poke bowl.
  20. Cosmos Black Beauty – A summer hero! If you are looking for something different: try this Cosmos variety.
  21. Gomphocarpus Moby Dick – The extraordinary looking green balls of Gomphocarpus Moby Dick are really something! They fit in all kinds of design styles.
  22. Protea Blushing Bride – Blushing Bride matches great with Sedum Rainbow, and also with Calla Rudolph.

More Poke Bowl Flowers and Floral Inspiration

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