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7+ Radiant Pink and Purple Summer Flowers

Hot pink and purple: two colors that truly represent mid-summer! Luckily, a lot of seasonal flowers are available in these color tones at this time of the year. Make sure you offer them in your shops and let your customers enjoy their floral summer celebrations with the most beautiful flowers! To make sure you will find them easily, we made a selection in this list of Pink and Purple Summer Flowers.

Pink and Purple Summer Flowers You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Carnation Spray Tropical Butterfly

Carnation Spray Tropical Butterfly – What’s in a name? This radiant-looking Carnation variety will surely lift up all your summer floral designs!

Veronica Smart Fountain

The spray variety Veronica Smart Fountain has deep lavender-colored flowers which match beautifully to the fresh green stem. This flower is very versatile and looks gorgeous in any kind of floral design.

Craspedia Dyed Hot Pink

Who doesn’t love the alien look of Craspedia? Besides this, Craspedia is An instant texture-bringer to floral designs! Craspedia is not only available in its natural color yellow, but also in a lot of dyed colors. Like this Craspedia Dyed Hot Pink: perfect for the summer season!

Gomphrena Hot Pink

The lovely little balls of Gomphrena have a such delicate appearance! Gomphrena Hot Pink will look absolutely amazing in for example a summery wedding bouquet and small table decorations.

Scabiosa Red Velvet

Don’t be fooled by the name: Scabiosa Red Velvet has a radiating magenta color tone! As you can see, this flower is ready for partying!

Veronica Smart Artist

Paint your floral masterpiece with Veronica Smart Artist: this flower will make sure that your design will have an amazing look! Also, Veronicas bring texture instantly, and when the little flowers open up, these flowers are a feast for the eye!

Carnation Tonic Golem

We like this: a flower which name sounds like a cocktail! Also, not only its name but also its hot pink color makes us dream of summer. Carnation Tonic Golem is a must-have on our list of Radiant Pink and Purple Summer Flowers!

Dianthus Barbatus Neon Purple

Neon purple is the correct name for this Dianthus Barbatus variety! They look a little like Phlox flowers, but they are actually family members of the Carnation family.

Liatris Spicata

Liatris Spicata is a summer flower golden oldie! Their sturdy stems carry countless lilac-colored flowers. A perfect item for our Radiant Pink and Purple Summer Flowers list!

Pink and Purple Summer Flowers in The Holex Webshop

In our shop, you can find a plethora of pink and purple summer flowers! Log in and use the color picker to select the colors of products that you are looking for. Immediately you will see the available products for your arrival date!

Not a Holex customer yet? Wholesale florists can contact us over here. If you are a florist or event planner, please ask for HLX Direct at your local wholesale supplier.

Summer Floral Design Inspiration

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