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St. Patrick’s Day Holex USA Product Special

We have made a great selection of our green flowers & foliages. Holex USA offers all you need for a perfectly green St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Check out our webshop for availability and pricing.

Amaranthus Hanging Green

This trending flower is typically used in waterfall and cascading designs. It has long and thick dreadlocks that are about 25-30 inches long.

Ammi Visnaga Green Mist

Is often referred to as Queen Anne’s Lace and is a beautiful green & white flower which is used in delicate arrangements.


This gorgeous shiny round foliage comes from Colombia which offers an excellent climate for year-round steady production.

Bupleurum Griffithii

A beautiful filler with its green leaves and yellow flowers. Bupleurum can be used to put a special touch in everyday arrangements.

Cymbidium Green

These beautiful ornamental flowers symbolize luxury, strength, and love. Besides stunning green Cymbidium varieties, we offer a wide range of other colors as well.

Cordyline Green

This tropical and decorative long and flat leaf is used to give an exotic touch in unique bouquets and arrangements.

Disbud Anastasia Green

This Green Spider Chrysanthemum is widely used for its quality, unique color, size, and long vase life.

Gardenia Jasminoides Grandiflora

This beautiful dark green and glossy foliage is a must have this St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Hydrangea Antique Green

Unique to Hydrangea is the color-changing of the flowers. Hydrangeas keep changing color on the plant from mini green to Antique until the moment the grower cuts the flowers.

Hydrangea Mini Mojito

Is a small green Hydrangea which is mostly used for its ability to fill more in each design.

Hypericum Lucky Romance

This variety has gorgeous big green berries, and because of its name, it should be used in all St. Patrick’s Day arrangements.

Jasmin Polyanthum Vine

It is unique green foliage with small elegant leaves.

Leucadendron Gold Strike

We have this variety available from Colombia, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Gold Strike has bright green colored leaves and a beautiful red-colored cone. We also offer them without a cone!

Lisianthus Mariachi Green

A gorgeous light green flower that carries double blooms, with excellent quality and superb vase life.

Rose Green Fashion

This classic cream and green Rose variety is a beautiful focal point to create stunning arrangements.

Rose Lemonade

This lemon green Rose variety looks like a Garden Rose with its ruffled edged petals, and it will add a nice touch when you mix it with other flowers.

Rose Mint

The cream and green color makes this Rose a perfect flower to use in any floral design. Also, it is extraordinary to use in the Easter season.

Rose Wasabi

This fabulous green colored Premium Rose is the perfect flower to use in all your high-end St. Patrick’s Day floral designs!

Ruscus Israel

Cymbidium Anderson is a great green variety with white flowers and a dark red lip.

Trachelium Green

Trachelium Green is a modern-looking, green product. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day arrangements!

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