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St. Patrick’s Day at Holex USA

St. Patrick’s Day is the holiday of green and white. We’ve made a selection of the most beautiful greens and whites, and everything in between, in our Miami webshop. Everything you need to offer your customers that ultimate St. Patrick’s Day festivity!

Check out our webshop for availability and pricing.

#1 Moluccella Green

#2 Hydrangea Spectrum Lime Green

#3 Hydrangea Mini Mojito

#4 Hydrangea Light Emerald

#5 Hydrangea Green

#6 Hydrangea Antique Green

#7 Hydrangea Green Premium

#1 Lisianthus Mariachi Green

#2 Disbud Lime Zembla

#3 Disbud Bombellini

#4 Anastasia Light Green

#5 Anastasia Green

#1 Dianthus Kiwi Cherry

#2 Rose Wasabi

#3 Rose Lemonade

#4 Hypericum Lucky Romance

#5 Pom Button Whatsapp

#6 Lepidium Green Dragon

  1. Green Brillantina
  2. Craspedia Pop Tinted Lime Green
  3. Limonium Pinna Colada Tinted Apple Green
  4. Gypsophila Xlence Tinted Light Green
  5. Dianthus Green Trick
  6. Gypsophila Xlence Tinted Green
  7. Scabiosa White Milky
  8. Rose Green Limbo
  9. Carnation Green Goblin
  10. Hydrangea Mini Green Mijito
  11. Craspedia Pop Tinted Green Mint
  12. Lisianthus Mariachi White
  13. Lisianthus Mariachi Green
  14. Italian Ruscus
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