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St. Patrick’s Day Holland Product Special

Green, green and even more green! During St. Patrick’s Day a lot of pubs, streets and even entire cities turn into this wonderful color. It is needless to say that flower decorations contribute to the festive feeling of this day. Imagine a bouquet, centerpiece or other design full of green flower. That will definitely look amazing! We have created a list full of green flowers that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and available in our Holex Holland webshop. Check out the list below and order them right now!

Alchemilla Robustica

Picture of Alchemilla Robustica

Alchemilla Robustica works great as a filler in bouquets with its very playful shape.

Anthurium Midori

Midori Anthurium

The large leaf of the Anthurium Midori looks amazing! It has a wonderful gloss on it that makes it stand out in any floral design.

Bupleurum Griffithii

Griffithii Bupleurum

The many flowers of this Bupleurum variety give a rich and full look to your designs.

Cornus Flaviramea

Flaviramea Cornus

If you’re looking for a rough look than this Cornus variety is a good choice. It also has a lot of creative options in your design.

Dianthus Barbatus Green Trick

Barbatus Green Trick Dianthus

Probably the most playful flower on our list. A real eye-catcher when used in bouquets!

Eryngium Sirus Questar

Sirus Questar Eryngium

Sirus Questar has a light silver-green color and a white colored heart.

Gypsophila Painted Green

Green Painted Gypsophila

The possibilities with Gypsophila are endless. It looks great in a St. Patrick’s Day corsage for example.

Lisianthus Alissa Green

Green Alissa Lisianthus

Lisianthus are always breathtaking. This Alissa has large light green flowers that look like they’re made of silk.

Lisianthus Rosanna Green

Rosanna Green Lisianthus

The flowers of Lisianthus Rosanna Green are compact and look great!

Lisianthus Rosita Green

Rosita Green Lisianthus

The light green color of the flowers are almost a pastel color. Great for St. Patrick’s Day and the pastel color trend!

Viburnum Roseum

Viburnum Roseum picture

A very popular cutflower that has a very good quality. Viburnum Roseum is great to use in bouquets or small centerpieces.

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