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Thanksgiving Flower Trend: Dried Flowers

Just two more week and it is Thanksgiving again. Holex Flower is here to help you find the right inspiration for your floral arrangements.

Color is always an important theme when it comes to preparing for Holidays. Whether it is about how to set the table or what kind of napkins to purchase. Or, of course, what color the flower centerpiece for the table should be.

According to, these are the most popular Thanksgiving color themes for this year:

  • Orange and White
  • Pink and Grey
  • Pale Yellow and Orange
  • Burgundy and Brass
  • White and Purple
  • Black and Gold

In this article, we present some flowers that we think should go great with any of these color schemes.

8 Dried Flowers to use in your Thanksgiving Arrangements

Our own floral tip for this year: choose dried flowers! Not only are they more popular than ever, they are also a great pick to ensure the longevity of your arrangements. This way, you can warm up your interior for all the cold weeks ahead.

1. Amaranthus

Amaranthus is a very atmospheric flower, with its long flowerhead. Especially the hanging variety is a favorite to lend some playfulness to any arrangement. Amaranthus is also great to work in a festive wreath. And what’s best: it’s available in many different colors, so mixing with your Thanksgiving palette should be easy!

2. Carthamus Orange

Carthamus forms large bushes of green. The orange variety comes topped with modest orange flowers. This makes it a good addition to the pale yellow and orange color theme from our list.

Carthamus Orange for Thanksgiving | Holex Wholesale Flowers

3. Cortaderia

This big plume-like plant has a rural touch to it.

It is available in white and purple, so you got that color scheme covered. Cortaderia is also available in black, so now we just need something gold to combine that with to get to the gold-and-black color scheme. Well hold on, we’ll get there.

4. Helichrysum

Helichrysum is available in many different hues, many of them dyed. We feel that this red-orange variety is perfectly suited for Thanksgiving. And for Christmas, so all your hard work in creating the ultimate centerpiece won’t go to waste once the Thanksgiving desert has been consumed. That’s what dried flower will do for your.

5. Poppy

Just like Helichrysum, dried Poppies are available in many different colors. Ranging from frost light blue to red: thanks to a special dye process there’s a poppy for that. For this list we chose this pale yellow variety, which goes well with the third of the Thanksgiving color themes.

Dried Poppy pale yellow for Thanksgiving

6. Ruscus

It wasn’t difficult to decide which Ruscus variety best fitted with the Thanksgiving colors as we listed above. Of course, the bronze and copper hues give a nice rustic touch to your Thanksgiving table setting. But we simply had to include this golden variety, which you could pair nicely with that black Cortaderia from point 3.

Ruscus gold for Thanksgiving | Holex Flower Wholesale

7. Triticum

Talking about rural an rustic, why not add some Triticum to your Thanksgiving table setting? The Triticum genus is definitely something to be thankful for. Wheat is a part of this genus, which has been one of our most important crops for thousands of years.

8. Pine Cone

What could be more Thanksgiving and fall than a pinecone on a stick? Ideal for lending that final touch to your bouquet, or as a simple ornament at the dinner table. Available in many different colors, such as:

  • Black glitter
  • Gold
  • White
  • Copper

In other words: there’s a Pine Cone variety for any Thanksgiving color scheme.

Looking for more Thanksgiving inspiration?

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use all these colors in a Thanksgiving arrangement, you should definitely check out our Thanksgiving mood board on Pinterest. Also, stay tuned for next week, when we’ll be making a Thanksgiving centerpiece design tutorial.

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