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Three of Our Favorite Dried Flower Varieties

In this blog post, we feature three of our favorite dried flower varieties that we offer in our range. Using dried flowers is an upcoming design trend, and we expect it will even gain more popularity in 2019! With dried flowers, you can opt for styling from classic to contemporary and beyond. You can find the complete range of dried flower varieties in our webshop

A Selection of Our Favorite Dried Flower Varieties

  • Ruscus Aculeatus Preserved Bleached White – This dried flower adds a delightful texture to your floral design
  • Phalaris Preserved Bleached White – Mix this white-colored dried flower in a soft pink color palette to achieve a floral arrangement so attractive that you want to keep it forever
  • Lagurus Bleached White –  Use Lagurus to increase the cute look in a spring wedding design

Dried Flowers: Perfect for Wedding Designs!

Always wanted to give your customers the option to take that beautiful wedding bouquet home and keep it forever? Use dried flowers, and make it possible! The symbolism of dried flowers is to express a deep meaning and commitment. Dried flowers that last almost forever are the ideal flowers to enjoy a lifetime. So, they are THE perfect and trendy wedding flowers for 2019!

Design Idea: Spring Wedding Bouquet with Dried Flower Varieties

In need for inspiration? We show you a design idea of a spring wedding bouquet, with the perfect blend of dried and fresh flowers. Using dried flowers into your designs will create a noticeable new look, and they will make sure that (parts of) your design will last for an eternity!

We designed this spring wedding bouquet with fresh and dried flowers to inspire your customers to get ready for this amazing trend. As for dried flowers, we used Ruscus AculeatusPreserved Bleached White, Phalaris Preserved Bleached White, and Lagurus Bleached White to create a natural, sweet and everlasting floral arrangement. As for fresh flowers, we used Ranunuclus Cloony Hanoi Blush, Phlebodium Blue Star, Calla Captain Melrose, and Rosa Babyface to achieve a fresh look for your spring wedding.

Dried Flower Varieties Holex Webshop

Are you ready to achieve floral designs that could last for an eternity? To accomplish that for your customers check out our webshop to see the availability of the current offerings. You can easily look up all the available dried flower varieties by using the “collections” in our webshop side menu. Have a question? Contact your Account Manager about availability and amounts.

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