Our Top 25 Favorite Fall Flowers [2017]

Which fall flowers do you think are the prettiest available? We have put together a list of stunning items that are available in our cooler.

1. Crocosmia McKenzie

What a beautiful and robust flower with shades of orange and red. This summer beauty is favorite as cut flower and will last up to two weeks in a vase.


2. Calla Trinity

The wonderful simplicity of a Calla combined with this beautiful color palette! No wonder this is one of the most popular Callas.


3. Calla Florex Gold

What a stunning beauty this Calla! The color fits in every bouquet and adds a sparkle of sunshine. And who doesn’t love the sun?


4. Astilbe Paul Gaarder

Wow, what a gorgeous coral color. This romantic kind of Astilbe cannot be missed in an autumn-inspired bouquet. You add romance and volume at once, to kill two birds with one stone!


5. Astilbe Erika

A real eye catcher this soft pink Astilbe. This long flowering flower is easy to combine and is, therefore, a popular cut flower. Beautiful with other soft pink flowers like Peony.


6. Kochia Scoparia

This extraordinary looking green branch is perfect for all kinds of decorations. The greyish green tone of the leaves makes it a very trendy product.


7. Daucus Carota

A must-have in autumn, the beautiful Daucus. For a natural and playful look in every bouquet, the red flowers give the extra spark.


8. Rose 3D

One of the most popular roses, especially during the wedding season. The reason why is clear, what a romantic gesture this rose.


9. Kale Green Crane

Not so well known by the public (yet), but what a beauty! This Kale is less fragile and easy in maintenance, so the perfect ‘flower’ with the good qualities of a Kale.


10. Lisianthus Rosanne Black Pearl

When the flower buds open, you see the real beauty of the Lisianthus. What a graceful flower and what a beautiful color this Lisianthus Rosanne Black Pearl.


11. Hypericum Fire Flair

After blooming the beautiful and famous red berries arise on the branches. Ideal for flower arrangements or bouquets, you can keep combining!


12. Craspedia Globlosa

A unique and fashionable flower, this original yellow Craspedia. The good-looking balls have a long vase life and give height in a bouquet.


13. Eryngium Sirius Questar

This beautiful thistle is a real retro flower and makes a march by florists. Not so crazy because this flower always adds a seasonal and fearlessly edge to a bouquet.



14. Kangaroo Paws Green Flavidus

What a recognizable flower, this exciting and beautiful Kangaroo Paws, or Anigozanthos. The colorful and remarkable shaped flowers are easy to fit in every bouquet.


15. Quercus Leaves (Oak Leaves)

One of the most famous leaves needs no introduction. This season beauty is only temporarily available, make sure you don’t miss it.


16. Hydrangea Magical Opal Classic

This Hydrangea is a beautiful reddish green cut flower. This star is a beauty on her one, but also an eye-catcher in a bouquet. Play with colors and combine different Hydrangeas.


17. Hydrangea Ruby Red Classic

The flowers of Hydrangea are extremely popular. This nice-looking variant has a beautiful, intense color red. Red is always a good idea, the color of love.


18. Asclepias Tuberosa

The Asclepias silk plant originates from North America and has long stems with beautiful orange flowers. An exclusive cut flower that cannot be missed.


19. Eucalyptus Populus Painted Red With Berries

This type of Eucalyptus is prevalent at Christmas time, but also beautiful the rest of the season. The color combines easy in different floral arrangements and bouquets. A season favorite of many.


20. Physalis

The Physalis is with her beautiful lampion a real season hero. The orange of this flower is the color of autumn, welcome back in the assortment Physalis.


21. Banksia Dreyandra

What a delightful flower and what a buzzer in a bouquet! Add one or more branches and create an atmosphere of excitement, unique and spunky.


22. Viburnum Inge

These branches with deep blue colored berries are at the end of summer and early autumn at its most beautiful. Cannot be missed in a bouquet with fall flowers, one of our favorites


23. Eucalyptus Baby Blue

What a beautiful color and what a delicious smell. This variant, with horizontal leaves, is very popular in bouquets. A real addition!


24. Amaranthus Red Caudatus

This hanging foxtail gives a dramatic and significant effect to every bouquet. Therefore, the flower is often used in marriage and mourning arrangements.


25. Amaranthus Green Cycloop

This flower, which is closely related to Celosia, has hanging green flowers. An ideal product for hand-tied bouquets or other flower arrangements.