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Fall, Foliage & Fruits to Celebrate the True Meaning of Halloween

Just one more week to go until it’s Halloween again. Last week, we wrote about our favorite Halloween flowers and presented you with some floral costume inspiration.

Today, we would like to take you a little deeper into the connection between Halloween and “everything that grows”. Halloween has quite the fertile backstory. We’ve selected some of our products that symbolize that backstory, and can get you in the mood to celebrate the true meaning of Halloween.

What is the true meaning of Halloween?

The tradition of Halloween originated about 2000 years ago, with the harvest festivals of the ancient Celts. For them, the first of November was the start of their new year. It marked the end of summer and harvest, and the beginning of winter.

This also means that for the Celts, October 31 was New Year’s Eve. It was associated with death, and the Celts believed that at this night the boundaries between the world of the living and that of the dead faded. On the last night of October, the Celts believed, the ghosts of the dead could walk the earth. It is said that the Celts dressed up and wore masks, to keep those ghosts at a distance. They also used pumpkins with scary faces carved into them to scare off the ghosts, which explains how the pumpkin came to be the symbol of Halloween.

But, when we focus on the part about celebrating the harvest, there are more products that bring out the true meaning of Halloween.

Pumpkins are a well know symbol, but there are many more fruits and foliages that can be associated to the true meaning of Halloween.
Pumpkins are a well know symbol, but there are many more fruits and foliages that can be associated to the true meaning of Halloween.

In this view, Halloween marks the end of the harvesting period. It is a time of celebration. The celebration of a period of hard labor coming to an end, but also the celebration of the fruits of the land that are now safely stored for the coming winter.

Below you can find some foliages and fruits that – in our opinion – symbolize this celebration of harvest. You can order them in our webshop, to get yourself and your customers in the spirit of the true Halloween meaning!


Cucumis | Holex Flower

Cucumis – a member of the Cucurbitae family – is a genus of twining plants, that originates in the warmer parts of the world. 25 varieties occur naturally in Southeast Asia and Australia, while Africa numbers 30.

Cucumbers and melons are the best-known members of the genus. The Cucumis fruits that you can find in our webshop look a bit like small, spiky melons. You can put them in a glass bowl or vase, add them to a centerpiece or simply lay them out on a nice platter with some of the other fruits on this list.

Check our webshop for the different varieties:

Cucumis Hedgehog | As the name suggests, this Cucumis has more spikes than the other varieties. Adds some robustness to your decorations.

Cucumis Maureen | Smoother than Hedgehog and light green, Cucumis Maureen is a little more low profile.

Cucumis Mixed | For those who find it difficult to choose: a nice mix of different colors and “degrees of prickliness”.


Just like Cucumis, Diplocyclus is a genus in the Cucurbitae family. It is a climbing vine with simple, lobed leaves.

Diplocyclus grows small, spheral fruits with a distinct striped pattern. At Holex Flower, you can order Diplocyclus Palmatus, a pantropical variety. It comes as a vine, which makes it an ideal garland to celebrate the true meaning of Halloween.


Physalis is a flowering plant that grows in subtropical regions, known for the large, papery husks that it forms. Berries grow inside of this husk. It’s almost as if those berries are hiding from something spooky. Or dressing up to celebrate the meaning of Halloween, of course…

Rose Hip

The rose hip is the fruits of the rose plant, containing the seeds. They are typically small spheres just below the flower petals and can range from red to orange. When a flower is successfully pollinated in the spring or early summer, rose hips begin to form and ripen in autumn.

Perhaps you went rose hip picking on some moment in your life. Rose hips are a beloved fruit for making jelly. Did you know they are full of vitamin C? I used to collect them for my guinea pig, who was quite fond of them.

The rose hips in our webshop are not meant for consumption, but they can add a sense of cosiness and nostalgia to your decorations.

Triticum (Dried)

Last but not least: since the true meaning of Halloween stems from the harvest festival, choose Triticum to add a rural touch to your floral arrangement. The genus Triticum comprises the many different sorts of wheat. For this Halloween, we suggest the dried varieties, to ensure a good lifespan for your creation.

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