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Tutorial: Blue and White Centerpiece

Blue and white, two colors really reinforce each other. Not only in appearance, but also in meaning. Blue stands for calm and peace, while white represents innocence and purity. A perfect match for meaningful floral designs for important events! Our designer made this fantastic blue and white centerpiece and used Agapanthus, Delphinium, Lisianthus, and Hydrangea. Check out the video below, and be inspired!

Time: 10 – 15 minutes | Difficulty: easy (**)


  • Knife
  • Large centerpiece bowl
  • Floral foam
  • Floral fins
  • Floral fix
  • Secateurs


  • 2 x Hydrangea Hilde Moorhof
  • 12 x Lisianthus Double Alissa White
  • 5 x Delphinium Ballkleid
  • 8 x Delphinium Atlantis
  • 20 x Agapanthus Queen of Ocean

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Steps for making this Blue and White Centerpiece:

  1. Soak the floral foam in fresh, clean water.
  2. Stick the floral fix on the bottom of the floral pins. Place the pins on the bottom of the centerpiece bowl.
  3. Push the floral foam onto the pins and cut in shape.
  4. Start with the Hydrangea. Place one Hydrangea on each side of your centerpiece.
  5. Add the Lisianthus and the two Delphinium varieties to your centerpiece.
  6. Finally, add the Agapanthus. Make sure to spread them nicely.
  7. Your blue and white centerpiece is now ready for use. Enjoy!


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