Tutorial: Bohemian Winter Bouquet

Oh, those beautiful winter flowers! This breathtaking Bohemian Winter Bouquet is filled with Anemone, Garden Rose, Syringa, and Waxflower! Ranunculus Butterfly and Daffodil Paperwhite add the extra touch of romance to this design. Be inspired by this video tutorial, follow the steps below and create this Bohemian Winter Bouquet.

Time: 25 – 30 minutes | Difficulty: average (***)


  • Vase
  • Knife


  • 4 x Syringa Madama Fl. Stepmann
  • 10 x Garden Rose Patience
  • 10 x Daffodil Paperwhite
  • 5 x Ranunculus Butterfly
  • 5 x Waxflower Blondie
  • 1 x Anemone Mistral Plus Blue
  • 2 x Anemone Mistral Plus Celeste
  • 2 x Anemone Mistral Plus Tigre
  • 2 x Anemone Mistral Plus White
  • 8x Asparagus Sprengeri
  • 6 x Asparagus Falcatus

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Steps for making this Bohemian Winter Bouquet:

  1. Fill the clean vase with fresh water.
  2. Start by creating a green basis: put the Aspagarus stems in the vase. Keep the stems on two sides of the vase a little longer, so they band a bit and you immediately get the distinct appearance where you are looking for with this design.
  3. After this, add the Garden Roses. No worries: when you put these beauties on water, they will open up rapidly! Vary a bit with the length of the stems and again, keep the stems longer at both sides.
  4. Carefully add the Ranunculus to the bouquet. This Butterfly variety is a spray version. If the stems are too thick, you can separate the stems. In this way, you can better divide this pretty flowers through your design.
  5. Add the Daffodils and the Syringa. With these flowers, you can create some extra depth in the bouquet to vary with the stem sizes.
  6. And now the eye-catchers: the Anemones. Carefully place them into the bouquet. The contrasting colors give the design a very distinct look!
  7. Finally, add the Waxflower for an extra bohemian touch.
  8. Your Bohemian Winter Bouquet is ready for use! Enjoy!