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Tutorial: Christmas Wreath Ideas

Wreaths are very popular in the winter and during Christmas. They can be made with a large variety of greens. In this example we show you how to make a wreath with Abies Nobilis. Be inspired by this tutorial, order the flowers in our webshop, and follow the steps to create this Christmas Wreath.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Difficulty: easy (**)

Steps For Making This Fall Lobby Centerpiece with Dried Flowers.

  1. Wreath Frame

    Take the floral tape and wind it around the wreath shape. If you don’t have a wreath shape, you can make one using iron wire.

  2. Creating the wreath

    Cut off pieces of Abies Nobilis and hold against the frame. Use the green iron wire and wrap it around the Abies and the frame. Continue until your wreath is nicely filled.

  3. Enjoy!

    Your Christmas wreath is now ready. Enjoy!


  • Floral tape
  • Secateurs
  • Knife
  • Green iron wire


  • 2 x Abies Nobilis Blue
Christmas Wreath Ideas
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