Tutorial: Classic Hydrangea Wreath

One of the prettiest late summer/fall flowers is – without a doubt – the classic Hydrangea. The mixture of greyish tones with deep reds, pinks, purples, and blues make these flowers real eye-catchers! From August to February our cooler is filled with the most stunning varieties. Curious about our offerings? For example, you can find the amazing Sibilla Classic Pink and Sibilla Classic Purple, that we used in this tutorial (for other varieties, click here!) to make a fantastic Classic Hydrangea wreath. Take a look at the video at the bottom of this page, and be inspired!

Classic Hydrangea Wreath | Holex Flower
Time: 10 – 15 minutes | Difficulty: easy (**)


  • Knife
  • Floral foam circle
  • Piece of rope
  • Secateurs


  • 2 x Hydrangea Sibilla Classic Pink
  • 2 x Hydrangea Sibilla Classic Purple

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Steps for making this Classic Hydrangea Wreath:

  1. Soak the floral foam circle in fresh, clean water.
  2. Cut off a piece of rope and tie around the circle.
  3. Now cut small parts of the Hydrangea and push them into the floral foam.
  4. Make sure you vary between the Hydrangea varieties.
  5. Your classic Hydrangea wreath is now ready for use. Enjoy!