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Tutorial: Colorful Centerpiece with Anemone

The combination of the colorful base and flowers make this centerpiece a real eye-catcher! The base is made of floral foam and a lot of colored fabrics for a very creative look. The flowers used in this centerpieces include the yellow Ranunculus Butterfly Phytalos, Papaver Bussana, and Anemones. Follow the steps below and order the flowers in our webshop to create this colorful centerpiece with Anemone.

Time needed: 55 minutes.

Difficulty: easy (***)

Steps For Making This Creative Spring Bouquet with Anemone

  1. Creating the base

    Take a large piece of floral foam. Do not hydrate the foam. Push the floral foam onto the edges of the bowl. In this way, you create a print on the floral foam, so you know where to cut for the perfect shape. Cut off any excess parts and place into the bowl. If necessary, fill up the gaps with leftovers from the floral foam.

  2. Decoration the base

    Start with making strokes of the wide brown cloth. Wind them over the foam and bowl until there is no more foam visible. Use knots to secure the fabric to the bowl. Now push the glass tubes between the cloth into the floral foam. Then use the rest of all the fabrics and strings to create your color explosion! Wind them all over the base and use knots to keep everything in place.

  3. Adding the flowers

    Now it is time to add those beautiful flowers! First fill all the glass tubes with fresh, clean and cold water. Cut off approx. 2cm from the end of each stem and place them into the tubes. Make lovely combinations by alternating the flowers that you use in each tube.

  4. Enjoy

    Your creative colorful centerpiece Anemone is now ready. Enjoy!


  • Knife
  • Low bowl
  • Floral Foam
  • Secateurs
  • 1 x wide brown cloth
  • 1 x thick pink string
  • 1 x thin red string
  • 1 x thin white string
  • 1 x thin orange string
  • 8 x glass tubes


  • 1 x Anemone Mistral Red
  • 4 x Anemone Mistral Plus
  • 6 x Papaver Bussana
  • 6 x Lisianthus Double Rosita White
  • 3 x Ranunculus Butterfly Phytalos
  • 3 x Ranunculus Cloony Firenze
  • 6 x Rose Revival Sweet
Creative Centepiece Anemone Lisianthus Papaver
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