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Tutorial: Creative Spring Bouquet with Anemone

Go out of the box with this creative spring bouquet with Anemone. Not only the flowers in this bouquet like Rose Cappuccino, Anemone Marianne Red and Clematis Amazing Miami are beautiful, but also the framework in which the bouquet is made is amazing! Surprise your customers with this creative and unique design and order these great matching flowers in our webshop!

Time needed: 40 minutes.

Difficulty: medium (***)

Steps For Making This Creative Spring Bouquet with Anemone

  1. Creating the frame

    Warm up the hot glue gun. Take a dried Sunflower stem and use the saw to create small pieces. In our design we used pieces of approx. 3cm long. You can use any length that you want. Use the hot glue to stick the ‘pipes’ that you’ve created together. Create a large and a slightly smaller frame and glue the smaller frame on the large frame. Now take the three wooden sticks and glue them on a pipe near each other.

  2. Adding the flowers

    Now add the flowers. Add the Rose Cappuccino, Anemone Marianne Red and Clematis Amazing Miami. Put the stems in a pipe and pull them through until the head of the flower rests on the frame. Create a nice composition and make sure to divide the flowers nicely. If you’re satisfied with your bouquet, cut the stems at the desired length by using a secateurs.

  3. The finishing touch using Lily Grass

    Grab a Lily Grass and put glue on one end of the leaf. Stick it onto one of the pipes and hold it for a few seconds until it is dry. Now do the same for the other end of the leaf. In this way you create an arch with the Lily Grass that creates a very playful effect. Do the same for another 5 Lily Grass leaves and create a nice composition.

  4. Enjoy

    Your creative spring bouquet with Anemone is now ready. Enjoy!


  • Hot glue gun
  • Dried sunflower stems
  • Saw
  • Floral glue
  • 3 x wooden sticks
  • Secateurs
  • Knife


  • 5 x Rose Cappuccino
  • 6 x Clematis Amazing Miami
  • 10 x Anemone Marianna Red
  • 6 x Lily Grass
  • 5 x Dried Sunflower stems
Close up of a bouquet with red Anemone, Roses and Clematis

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