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Tutorial: Flower Crown with Cymbidium

Be inspired by this video tutorial and learn how to create a fabulous flower crown with Cymbidium, Eucalyptus, and Hypericum. Follow the steps below and create a beautiful flower crown with Cymbidium!

Time: 15 – 20 minutes | Difficulty: easy (**)


  • Iron Wire
  • Floral tape
  • Corsage tape
  • Sharp knife
  • Secateurs
  • Scissors


  • 10 x orange/brown Cymbidium flower
  • 2 x Eucalyptus Parvifolia
  • 2 x Gypsophila Million Star
  • 2 x Chrysanthemum Santini Adora
  • 10 x Hypericum Magical Triumph

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Steps for making the Flower Crown with Cymbidium:

  1. Connect two iron wires to a crown, and tape the wires together with the waterproof tape.
  2. Make small bundles with two or three flowers, for example, Gypsophila with Santini and a piece of Eucalyptus. Bundle the stems together with corsage tape. The tape is not sticky, pull the tape apart and wrap tight around the corsage.
  3. First, make ten bundles and put them on the crown with the corsage tape. Now you can see how many more bundles you need to completely full the crown.
  4. Dian used in total 23 bundles.
  5. Your flower crown with Cymbidium is ready to use!
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