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Tutorial: Lobby Fall Centerpiece

Flower arrangements are not just good looking residential places but also look great in a hotel lobby for example. This fall arrangement brings this colorful season to your lobby or reception where it can be enjoyed by many people. Our designer used the most beautiful fall products! What do you think of a mixture of Cymbidium, Ilex, Anigozanthos, Crocosmia, and many other fall flowers? Watch the video below to see how this lobby fall centerpiece is made and be inspired!

Fall Arrangement | Holex Flower
Time: 20 – 25 minutes | Difficulty: easy (**)


  • 4 vases in various heights
  • Knife
  • Secateurs


  • 3 x Cymbidium Charly Brown
  • 3 x Hydrangea Pimpernel Classic Aubergine
  • 4 x Hydrangea Ruby Red Classic
  • 6 x Ilex Verticillata
  • 7 x Anigozanthos Gold Fever
  • 8 x Viburnum De Inge
  • 5 x Panicum Virgatum Squaw
  • 2 x Ilex Golden Verboom
  • 8 x Lisianthus Rosanna Black Pearl
  • 5 x Crocosmia Pods Super

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Steps For Making This Lobby Fall Centerpiece:

  1. Fill the vases with fresh, clean water.
  2. First design the large vase and work your way down to the smallest.
  3. Start with the Hydrangea. Cut off approx. 3 cm from the end of the stem and place in the vase.
  4. Now add the Anigozanthos, Cymbidium, and Ilex.
  5. Add the Panicum and Viburnum.
  6. Next, fill the smaller vases with the Hydrangea Ruby Red, Anigozanthos and Lisianthus.
  7. Use the rest of the Cymbidium, Crocosmia, Anigozanthos, and Ilex to complete your designs.
  8. Your lobby fall centerpiece is now ready for use. Enjoy!


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