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Tutorial: Lovely Mother’s Day Bouquet

The playful color mix of pink, lavender, purple, red and cream can surprise every mother! The beauty of Astilbe, Peony, and Hydrangea combined with joyful flowers like Matthiola (also known as Stock) and Bouvardia in a bouquet, is simply stunning! Be inspired by this video tutorial, follow the steps below and create this lovely Mother’s Day bouquet.

Time: 10 – 15 minutes | Difficulty: average (***)


  • Secateurs
  • Knife
  • Vase (25cm)


  • 2 x Hydrangea Magical Green Fire
  • 4 x Aglaomorpha Jim
  • 8 x Dianthus Farida
  • 5 x Astilbe Europa
  • 3 x Stock (Matthiola) Centrum Pink
  • 3 x Bouvardia Royal Daphne Fresco
  • 3 x Bouvardia Diamond Coral
  • 3 x Peony Coral Charm
  • 3 x Waxflower Dancing Queen
  • 1 x Germini Kimsey
  • 2 x Limonium Ozzy Pink

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Steps for making this Lovely Mother’s Day Bouquet:

  1. Fill a clean vase with fresh, clean water.
  2. Start with the Waxflower and the Limonium. Cut approx. 3 – 6 cm of the stem and place them in the vase, to get a nice base. By differing the lengths you get a playful look.
  3. Add the two Hydrangeas to two opposite sides. Make sure the heads are close to the vase.
  4. Now add the Peonies. Keep the stems as long as possible, so when the flowers open up, they will really stand out.
  5. Add the various Bouvardia, Astilbe, Matthiola, and Dianthus. Try to differ in length a bit, to keep the playful look.
  6. Finally, add the Germini.
  7. Your lovely Mother’s Day bouquet is now ready for use! Enjoy!
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