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Tutorial: Majestic Fall Wedding Centerpiece

The large Hydrangea and high Gladiolus make this centerpiece really an eyecatcher. This centerpiece contains a lot of greens but is still very nice balanced and a great addition to every fall wedding.

Watch the video to see how this centerpiece was made and be inspired!

Fall Wedding Centerpiece
Time: 10 – 15 minutes | Difficulty: easy (**)


  • Knife
  • Secateurs
  • Large Vase


  • 4 x Hydrangea Verena Pink
  • 8 x Gladiolus Adrenalin
  • 9 x Eucalyptus Robusta
  • 7 x Astilbe Gloria Purpure
  • 5 x Gypsophila Xlence
  • 4 x Gerbera
  • 5 x Acacia Baileyana

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Steps for making this Majestic Fall Wedding Centerpiece

  1. Fill the vase with fresh, clean water.
  2. Start with the Acacia. This is the base of your centerpiece.
  3. Now add the Gladiolus and Hydrangea.
  4. Add the Eucalyptus and Astilbe.
  5. Finally add the Gypsophila and Gerbera.
  6. Your majestic fall wedding bouquet is now ready for use. Enjoy!
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