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Tutorial: How to Make A Pomander

Pomanders, or “kissing balls”, are real eye-catchers! They will add a luxurious, creative look and feel to your wedding designs.  Perfect for wedding girls! Our designer made some nice examples with Mono Lisi Lisianthus (Montana Lisianthus). Be inspired by this video tutorial about how to make a pomander, follow the steps and create your own!

Time: 10 – 15 minutes | Difficulty: average (***)


  • 3″ OASIS® Floral Foam Sphere
  • Iron wire
  • Velvet ribbon (60 cm)
  • Secateurs
  • Knife


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How To Make A Pomander:

  1. Soak the sphere.
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon (approx. 60cm).
  3. Attach the ribbon to a piece of iron wire. Push the iron wire through the sphere, exactly in the middle.
  4. Pull the ribbon through the hole.
  5. Secure the iron wire on the bottom of the sphere. Don’t worry; the flowers will cover this later on!
  6. Put the sphere on a bottle, so you have your hands free to design.
  7. Start with the Light Apricot Alissa Monolisi. Cut the stems a bit shorter so you can stick them in easily, but carefully. Divide them over the sphere.
  8. Add the Alissa Green and White Monolisi. Make sure you keep one flower left (this is for covering the bottom at the end).
  9. Now add the Scabiosa Vanilla Scoop at the empty spots left on the sphere, for some nice extra texture. Cut the stems at approx. 4cm.
  10. Add the Gypsophila. Cut the flowers off the stem, keep the stem approx. 4cm. Put the stems in between the other flowers.
  11. Finally, cut the iron wire at the bottom of the pomander as short as possible. Put in the last Lisianthus flower to cover the hole.
  12. Your pomander is ready to use! Enjoy!

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