Tutorial: Rural Centerpiece with Hyacinths

Spring comes to you with this Rural Centerpiece with Hyacinths. The great pastel colors of the Hyacinthus Johanna and Chrysanthemum Copa stand out in this one. Surprise yourself and your customers with this simple but great centerpiece and order the flowers in our webshop!

Time needed: 35 minutes.

Difficulty: medium (***)

Steps For Making This Rural Centerpiece with Hyacinths

  1. Preparations

    Fill a bucket with fresh and clean water. Put a piece of floral foam in the bucket. Do not push it under water. Otherwise the floral foam will not hydrate completely.

  2. The base

    Stick a piece of floral fix onto the pins. Place the pins on the bottom of the basket. Take the floral foam out of the bucket and stick onto the floral pins. Cut off any excess foam to make it fit perfectly in the basket.

  3. Starting with Eucalyptus

    Take the Eucalyptus, cut off approx. 2 cm from the end of the stem and stick slowly into the floral foam. Make sure to spread the Eucalyptus nicely.

  4. Adding the flowers

    Now it is time to add those wonderful Hyacinths and Chrystanthemum. First divide the Chrystanthemum in the centerpiece. Also put some stems in the sides of the centerpiece. Now add those wonderful Hyacinths. Since the stems of the Hyacinths are quite soft and slimy, use the iron staples to secure the stems into the floral foam.

  5. Enjoy!

    Your rural centerpiece with Hyacinths is now ready!


  • Basket
  • Floral pins
  • Floral foam
  • Iron staples
  • Floral fix


  • 18 x Hyacinthus Johanna
  • 22 x Eucalyptus Populus
  • 10 x Chrysanthemum Copa
Picture of a centerpiece with Hyacinths, Eucalyptus and spray Chrysanthemum