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Tutorial: Shiny Wreath With Eryngium

This wreath with Eryngium is a great addition to all the Christmas decoration that is starting to pop out. We used over ten different painted Eryngiums in this wreath. Use it as decoration on your Christmas table, hang it on your door or use it as a part of a larger Christmas design. It will even be perfect for New Year’s Eve. Watch the video below to see how this shiny wreath is made and be inspired!

Wreath with Eryngium | Holex Flower
Time: 35 – 45 minutes | Difficulty: easy (*)


  • Knife
  • Floral foam
  • Wreath shape


  • 5x Eryngium Painted Silver
  • 5x Eryngium Painted Red
  • 10x Eryngium Painted Black
  • 5x Eryngium Painted Gold
  • 5x Eryngium Painted Champagne
  • 5x Eryngium Painted Copper
  • 5x Eryngium Painted White
  • 5x Eryngium Painted Silver + Glittered
  • 5x Eryngium Painted Gold + Glittered
  • 10x Eryngium Painted Red + Glittered
  • 5x Eryngium Painted Copper + Glittered

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Steps For Making This Shiny Wreath With Eryngium:

  1. Cut the floral foam into small pieces and push them into the wreath shape.
  2. Cut off the Eryngium heads approx. 2 cm under the head. Push them slowly into the floral foam.
  3. Place the heads in a round circle. Vary the colors or mix them together for a different look!
  4. Your shiny wreath with Eryngium is now ready for use. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to learn more about Eryngium on our Flowerwiki page.

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