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Tutorial: Spring Bouquet in Stylish Frame

We all know that bouquets can be great looking, but why not create a just as beautiful frame which holds your bouquet? This tutorial shows you how to create such a frame which holds a spring bouquet. Order the flowers in our webshop and follow the steps below to create this spring bouquet in stylish frame.

Time needed: 40 minutes.

Difficulty: medium (***)

Steps For Making This Spring Bouquet in Stylish Frame

  1. Creating the frame

    Take the wooden strips. Bend them into a circle and secure them with a piece of rope. Make large and small circles. Then attach all the circles together with the rope. Now it is time to add those great flowers!

  2. Adding the flowers

    Add the Rose Black Bacarra, Viburnum Roseum, Tulip Davenport, Dianthus Barbatus Lady in Green. Craspedia Paintball Globe and Allium Gladiator. Create a nice composition where you divide the flowers nicely. Now cut all the stems at the desired length and use the rope to tie the bouquet tightly together.

  3. Enjoy

    Your spring bouquet in stylish frame is now ready! Enjoy!


  • Knife
  • Secateurs
  • Strong rope
  • Secateurs
  • Wooden strips


  • 4 x Rose Black Baccara
  • 4 x Viburnum Roseum
  • 5 x Tulip Davenport
  • 3 x Dianthus Barbatus Lady in Green
  • 4 x Craspedia Paintball Globe
  • 3 x Allium Gladiator
Craspedia, Allium and Rose in a spring bouquet
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