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Tutorial: Spring Centerpiece with Daffodil

Can’t wait for spring to arrive? This centerpiece with Daffodils, Tulips, Syringa, Ranunculus and gorgeous Convallaria will brighten up your winter mood! Be inspired by this video tutorial, follow the steps below and create this great spring centerpiece with Daffodil.

Time: 10 – 15 minutes | Difficulty: average (***)


  • Knife
  • Floral foam
  • Planter (diam. 15cm)


  • 4 x Daffodil Soleil d’Or
  • 3 x Daffodil Geranium
  • 10 x Spray Rose Snow Flake
  • 10 x Frill Tulip Honeymoon
  • 6 x Ranunculus Cloony Firenze
  • 3 x Convallaria
  • 5 x Tulip Mon Amour
  • 5 x Tulip Lions Glory
  • 1 x Syringa Mme. Fl. Stepmann

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Steps for making this Spring Centerpiece with Daffodil:

  1. Soak the floral foam in fresh, clean water. Cut it in shape. Push it into the planter.
  2. Start with the Syringa. Cut the stem to approx. 10 cm, place the stem in the middle of the planter and push it into the foam. Make sure the stem is completely in the foam and you only see flowers.
  3. Add the Spray Roses and the Ranunculi. Cut the stems to max 10 cm, so you can easily push them into the foam, but you also keep a compact shape of your design.
  4. Now start adding the various Tulips. Cut the stems to max. 10cm and push them into your design. Place them wherever you like, but keep the shape of the design intact. You can also make little groups of 3 stems.
  5. After this, you add the Daffodils. Make sure you keep the stems a little bit longer, so the tiny flowers will stick out.
  6. And finally, add the Convallaria for some extra cuteness.
  7. Make sure all the foam is covered with flowers.
  8. Your spring centerpiece with Daffodils is ready! Enjoy!
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