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Tutorial: Spring Centerpiece with Spiraea

White and yellow flowers are beautifully combined in this spring centerpiece with Spiraea. The yellow Ranunculus Butterfly Phytalos is really standing out and the Anigozanthos and Craspedia give that little finishing touch. Order the flowers in our webshop and follow the steps in this tutorial to create this spring centerpiece with Spiraea.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

Difficulty: medium (***)

Steps For Making This Spring Centerpiece with Spiraea

  1. Creating the frame

    Take a sheet of tree bark and fold the ends together. Take the glue gun and glue the ends together. Put it on the table and let it dry. Repeat this for more sheets. The more you make, the larger your centerpiece will be. Now place the pieces in a large circle and glue them all together. Next, put some glue on the wooden sticks and glue them into the tree bark.

  2. Placing the frame

    Place a block of floral foam inside your centerpiece vase. Turn your frame upside down and push the sticks into the floral foam.

  3. Adding the flowers

    Now it is time to add all those wonderful flowers. Start with the Spiraea Nip Snowmountain. Next add the Polygonatum Multiflo, Ranunculus Butterfly, Anigozanthos Bush Gold and Craspedia Paintball Globe. Use a watering can to add water to the floral foam.

  4. Enjoy

    Your spring centerpiece with Spiraea is now ready! Enjoy!


  • Knife
  • Secateurs
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Floral Foam
  • Wooden Sticks
  • Sheets of Tree Bark


  • 25 x Spiraea Nip Snowmountain
  • 10 x Polygonatum Multiflo
  • 15 x Anigozanthos Bush Gold
  • 10 x Ranunculus Butterfly Phytalos
  • 20 x Craspedia Paintball Globe
Large Centerpiece with Spiraea | Holex Flower
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