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Tutorial: Summer Bouquet with Calla Lilies

This summer bouquet with Calla Lilies brings the summer to you. It holds great flowers like Ammi Visnaga, Phlox Blind Lion, Agapanthus Volendam, Calla Crystal White and more. Create this beautiful summer bouquet with Calla yourself! Order the flowers in our webshop, and follow the steps.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Difficulty: easy (**)

Steps For Making This Summer Bouquet with Calla Lilies

  1. Preparations

    Before you start making this bouquet it is wise to remove any excess leaves on the stems. Do this for every flower and place the flowers on the table.

  2. Creating the bouquet

    Now it is time that you put this great looking bouquet together. Start with a stem of Ammi Visnaga and Dracaena Sanderiana Gold. Now add the Agapanthus Volendam, Phlox Blind Lion, Veronica Melanie, Calla Crystal White and Veronica Blauw. Make sure to add the flowers evenly for a nice result. Next, cut the stems at the desired length, use floral tape to tighten the stems together and wrap the decorative cloth around the stems.

  3. Enjoy!

    Your summer bouquet with Calla Lilies is now ready. Enjoy!


  • Secateurs
  • Knife
  • Decorative cloth
  • Floral tape


  • 10 x Ammi Visnaga
  • 8 x Agapanthus Volendam
  • 5 x Phlox Blind Lion
  • 10 x Veronica Melanie
  • 5 x Dracaena Sanderiana Gold
  • 10 x Calla Crystal White
  • 3 x Eryngium Magnetar Qstar
  • 10 x Veronica
Summer Bouquet with Calla
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