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Tutorial: Valentine’s Day Centerpiece with Echeveria

This Valentine’s Day centerpiece with Echeveria proves that Echeveria can be used in centerpieces and are vertically just as incredible. Together with the Rose Lois Lane, Campanula Medium Champion White and greens like Eucalyptus and Ruscus this centerpiece is a real eye-catcher! Watch the video, follow the steps below and order the flowers in our webshop!

Time needed: 40 minutes.

Difficulty: medium (***)

Steps For Making This Valentine’s Day Centerpiece with Echeveria

  1. Preparations

    Fill a bucket with fresh, clean water. Place the floral foam into the bucket. Do not push the floral foam under water, otherwise the foam will not hydrate well.

  2. Creating the base

    Place the floral foam into the centerpiece vase. Cut it into shape and fill the gaps with floral foam that is left. Now start with the greens. Make a nice green basis with the Eucalyptus, Ruscus and Acacia.

  3. Adding the Echeverias

    Now it’s time to add those beauties! First decide where you want to place your Echeveria. Then take a floral wire and bend/wrap the wire around and under the petals of the Echeveria. Let a long piece of wire stick out. You can use this long end to push into the floral foam. Do this for all Echeverias that you want to use.

  4. Time for flowers

    Add all the flowers to your already amazing looking centerpiece. Add the Roses, Campanula, Ranuculus and

  5. Enjoy!

    Your Valentine’s Day Centerpiece with Echeveria is now ready!


  • Secateurs
  • Knife
  • Floral foam
  • Floral wire


  • 6 x Rose Lois Lane
  • 5 x Ranunculus Cloony White
  • 1 x Echeveria Mira
  • 1 x Echeveria Metalic
  • 1 x Echeveria Purple Pearl
  • 3 x Acacia Baileyana
  • 3 x Ruscus Aculeatus
  • 5 x Eucalyptus Cinerea
  • 5 x Campanula Medium Champion White
  • 4 x Ornithogalum Mount Fuji
Close up of a centerpiece with Echeveria and Roses
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