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Tutorial: Warm Colored Bouquet with French Tulips

A lot of colors are used in this warm colored bouquet with French Tulips. The bouquet breathes a warm style, despite the happy colors used. Yellow Solidago and Ranunculus Butterfly are nicely combined with Hypericum, Rose Cappuccino and painted Carnation. Order the flowers in our webshop now and follow the steps below to create this bouquet!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Difficulty: easy (**)

Steps For Making This Warm colored bouquet with French Tulips

  1. Creating the frame

    Cut out a piece of chicken wire by using the secateurs. The size of the frame also determines the size of your bouquet. Wind decorative tape around the edges of the chicken wire. This prevents sharp edges and has a high decorative value.

  2. Adding the flowers

    Now it is time to add those wonderful flowers. Add the Rose Cappuccino, Solidago, Carnation Painted Expression, Tulip French Dordogne, Ranunculus Butterfly Phytalos and Hypericum Coco Diablo Spray. Divide them evenly for a nice result.

  3. Finishing touch

    Wind the decorative tape around the iron wire. Stick the end on the bouquet and bend the other end in the bouquet as well. In this way you create creative arches.

  4. Enjoy

    Your warm colored bouquet with French Tulips is now ready! Enjoy!


  • Knife
  • Secateurs
  • Iron wire
  • Decorative tape
  • Chicken wire


  • 1 x Solidago
  • 1 x Rose Cappuccino
  • 1 x Carnation Painted Expression
  • 1 x Tulip French Dordogne
  • 1 x Ranunculus Butterfly Phytalos
  • 1 x Hypericum Coco Diablo Spray
Wam colored bouquet with French Tulips
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