Tutorial: Winter Table Piece with Cymbidium

Such an original design! This will sure get the attention it deserves. Beautiful Kalanchoe, Eucalyptus and Cymbidium get a prominent place in this table piece. Because of the water tubes the flowers have a very good vase life so you can enjoy this beauties for quite some time! Watch the video, follow the steps and be inspired!

Winter Table Piece Cymbidium | Holex Flower
Time: 15 – 20 minutes | Difficulty: easy (**)


  • Knife
  • Secateurs
  • Small branches
  • Wooden tray
  • Glue gun with cartridges
  • Small Christmas balls
  • Pineapples
  • Water tubes


  • 5 x Eucalyptus Parvifolia
  • 6 x Kalanchoe White Meadow
  • 1 x Cymbidium Green

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Steps For Making This Winter Table Piece with Cymbidium:

  1. Start by making a plan how your design is going to be. Hold a few branches together and try a few things out.
  2. When you’re ready, use the glue gun and place a few drips on the tray. Quickly use the iron wire to secure the branches together and place them onto the glue. Hold it in position for a few seconds to let it dry.
  3. Now place a few pineapples and small Christmas balls to the base of the “tree” you’ve created. This provides extra stability.
  4. Push some moss between the pineapples.
  5. Attach the tubes to the branches by using the iron wire.
  6. Fill the tubes and Christmas balls with water.
  7. Start with the Eucalytus. Then add the Kalanchoe and Cymbidium to your design.
  8. Your winter table piece with Cymbidium is now ready for use. Enjoy!