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Ideas for Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements

Are you looking for inspiration on how to make Valentine’s Day flower arrangements? Do you want to amaze your customers with your beautiful creations, but don’t know where to start?

Well, you have come to the right place. Over the past years, we have made a lot of step-by-step video tutorials. In those videos, you’ll learn to make astounding Valentine’s Day bouquets, wreaths, and other arrangements.

And which flowers are alright to give? Of course, Roses are still Valentine’s Day flower no.1, but there’s so much more to choose from. That’s why we put together a list of the best flowers to give your Valentine. You can find it here.

Alright, time to get started with those designs! And did you make any of those arrangements? We’d love to see them, so please tag us on Facebook or Instagram when you share your creations!

V-Day Bouquet with Carnations

Because we wanted to show you the possibilities of other flowers, we kick off this list with a bouquet in which Carnations take center stage. True, Roses are still in there, but they are mainly there to bring out the beauty of the other flowers. Besides Carnations, you can find Viburnum, Cymbidium, Eucalyptus, and Ranunculus in this Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Bohemian Valentine’s Centerpiece

Next up is a piece that combines all Valentine’s colors that you can think of. Because sometimes red just isn’t enough… Therefore, in this centerpiece, you’ll find red, orange, pink, purple, and white. Roses, Ranunculus, Anemone, Tulips, and Limonium make this a true Valentine’s Day masterpiece.

3D Heart with Germini

Since we keep saying that you don’t need Roses for a beautiful Valentine’s Day feeling, we have to put our money where our mouth is. Well, here you go! A wonderful floral hearth made of Germini’s and Dianthuses.

Heart with Roses

We’re not trying to say that Roses shouldn’t be part of your V-Day arrangements. They’re still the no.1 flower to express love. Because of that tradition, you basically can’t go wrong with this heart that combines Roses, Gerberas, and Germinis. We also used Gypsophila and Dianthus. Watch the video below to learn how we made this heart.

Centerpiece with a Heart of Genista

Valentine’s Day is all about giving your heart to the one that you love most in the world. So why not give them your heart, surrounded by beautiful flowers? By using Genista, this becomes very easy. We’ll show you how! Just watch the video below and discover how to make one of our favorite Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, or head over to the shopping list and step-by-step.

Pomander with Roses

Do you know why it seems like the pomander was invented for Valentine’s? Because according to the Oxford dictionary, it is a “ball or perforated container of sweet-smelling substances”. It is typically being used for herbs and spices, but sweet-smelling flowers are great for making a pomander as well!

Red and Pink Bouquet

Red and Pink, can you name two colors that are more iconic for love and passion? No, right? That’s why they are so prominent in this bouquet. To really make them pop, we added some whites and greens.

Click here for the shopping list.

Elegant Bouquet with Roses and Cornus

Yet another way to incorporate your heart into the floral arrangement you’re making. Above, you saw how to use Genista to make a heart shape for your bouquet. But you can also use Cornus, as you can see in this tutorial!

Flowers for Your Valentines Day Flower Arrangements

In the Holex webshop, you can find all flowers that are used in the designs above. But, there is so much more to discover! Log in or register to see our current offerings. Florist or event planner? Contact your local wholesale supplier and enroll in the HLX Direct webshop, where you can order from our complete floral and greenery range. Read all about how this works over here.

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