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Wedding Bouquet with Daffodil

Daffodils are beautiful flowers, and can even be used for a romantic spring wedding bouquet! Combine the bright yellow color tones with Rose Cappucino, Ranunculus Yellow Stripe, and the distinguished looking Myrica branches, and surprise your brides couple! Be inspired by this video tutorial, follow the steps below and create this great wedding bouquet with Daffodil.

Time: 10 – 15 minutes | Difficulty: average (***)


  • Floral tape
  • Woolen rope
  • Secateurs
  • Scissors
  • Knife


  • 10 x Rose Cappucino
  • 6 x spray Dianthus Raffine Elea
  • 9 x Monarda Purple
  • 3 x Daffodil Paperwhite
  • 8 x Daffodil Abba
  • 3 x Daffodil Field
  • 5 x Daffodil Ice Follies
  • 2 x Daffodil Pinza
  • 2 x Daffodil Soleil d’Or
  • 3 x Daffodil Geranium
  • 3 x Myrica Gagel
  • 9 x Ranunculus Yellow StripeWant to order these flowers? Visit our webshop!

Steps for making this Wedding Bouquet with Daffodil:

  1. Tie the bouquet in your hand. Start with the Rose Cappucino and spray Dianthus.
  2. Add the Daffodils by your own choice. Make sure you make a nice mixture of colors and textures.
  3. Add the Ranunculus. Keep the bouquet as compact as possible.
  4. Add the Myrica Gagel. Place them firmly against the other flowers.
  5. Now add the Monarda Purple. Place them a bit lower than the other flowers.
  6. Work your way down. Place each flower a bit lower than the one before, to get a nice round shape.
  7. When you have added all the flowers, cut the stems to one length, and secure the stems with the floral tape.
  8. Cover all of the stems with the woolen rope. Twist it around the bundle. Cut the rope and tie it with a knot.
  9. Your wedding bouquet with Daffodils is ready! Enjoy!
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