Wedding Trend: Modern Minimalist

Minimalism applied to floral designs is a trend that we see more often. The art of using a minimal amount of flowers and showing their beauty at weddings is very popular. This style can be achieved with a broad variety of flowers. In this post we show you how and with which flowers you can create various creations.

#1: The Modern Minimalist Couple Loves Dried & Preserved Flowers

Designing with dried and preserved flowers is one of the biggest floral designs trends of 2019, and we also see the usage of dried flowers more and more in wedding decors. Especially the Modern Minimalist theme is happy with the classy vintage looking products. Designers can use them in their natural color, but we also see a big increase in the orders of bleached and dyed products.

Dried and preserved flowers that you can use:

  • Amaranthus Caudatus Green (dried)
  • Amaranthus Hang Bleached Preserved
  • Arundo Donax (dried)
  • Brooms Preserved Bleach
  • Carthamus Green (dried)
  • Lavandula Blue Dried

#2: Use Lush Greenery in Modern Minimalist Floral Designs

The past couple of years we’ve seen the rise of the rustic wedding trend, and also the botanical trend became very popular. In 2019, we see that more and more wedding couples aspire a more modest appeal. Lush greenery is the answer to their Modern Minimalist design needs: by the use of a few greenery varieties you can create a fantastic wedding décor.

Greenery that you can use:

  • Ruscus
  • Eucalyptus (single variety or a mixture)
  • Leatherleaf
  • Philodendron Xanadu
  • Olive leaves Europaea

#3: Few Stems, Big Gesture: Less is More!

Ask for the couple’s favorite flowers, order them in the needed color or variety, mix them up, and put just a few stems in transparent glass vases for a fabulous table decoration. In this way the decorations are very personal and it will be a conversation opener for the wedding guests. Literally any color theme can be used; the flowers will do the magic! The Modern Minimalist theme at its best, we believe.

Flowers that you can use:

  • Any flower in our webshop 😊

#4 Monstera is Your New Best Minimalist Friend

Probably the best greenery type to use in the Modern Minimalist wedding trend, is the Monstera. It has a vibrant, striking appearance and just a few dozen stems can create a luxurious, extravagant look and feel. Add a bit of the tropics to the Modern Minimalist theme with Monstera, which leaves are available in our webshop with diameters from 24 inches to 48 inches!

Greenery to use:

  • Monstera Leaf

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