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Zero Waste Flowers

Reducing the number of flowers that are wasted and following a trend at the same time is now possible due to Zero Waste Flowers. Dried Roses and other flowers are offered in this unique concept based on fair trade, sustainability, and quality.

Because no company sells out fresh flowers every week, and according to the auction rules, leftover products must be destroyed. This is how Zero Waste Flowers was started. Flowers are giving a second life and are wrapped in the most environment-friendly packaging possible.

Following The Dried Flowers Trend

Dried flowers are hot! The trend for using dried flowers as decoration, but also mixed with fresh flowers, is an up and coming trend. Not only weddings and events follow this trend, but dried flowers are also the interior trend for 2020.

Dried flowers are great when placed in a floral design, just like fresh flowers. But did you know you can also combine dried and fresh flowers together? It results in a great mix with different textures, colors, and feeling.

Zero Waste Roses | Holex Flower
Zero Waste Roses | Holex Flower

Let’s Reduce Waste

Reducing waste, giving products a second chance and following a large and popular design trend. What more do you want? Are you interested in the products of Zero Waste? Contact your Account Manager for more information.

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