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6+ Calming Flowers to Boost Your Sales for Stress Awareness Day

Flowers can be so much more than something pretty to put in a vase. We all know the feeling of joy that a beautiful bouquet of flowers can bring. But the positive impact of flowers on our minds goes even beyond that. In this overview of calming flowers, we would like to highlight some flowers that symbolize tranquility and serenity.

Why, do you ask?

Next week, the 6th of November, is stress awareness day. It was established by the International Stress Management Association as a time to become aware of the stress in our lives, and how it affects us.

Why not celebrate this day with some of these calming flowers?

Studies have shown the effect of flowers, plants and nature in general on our moods, anxiety levels, and concentration. Some people believe that simply being outside, amongst trees, can lower your stress level.

Forest bathing – a decades-old practice from Japan that is becoming more and more popular in the West – is based on this principle. It is no exercise, no therapy, no meditation. It is simply “being in nature” and connecting with it.

It is built on the belief that simply seeing nature can decrease your stress levels. This could be plants, trees, or – of course – flowers!

A selection of calming flowers to celebrate stress awareness day.

In this list, you can find calming flowers that are available in our webshop. By ordering them, you can help your customers to become aware of the excess stress they might be carrying. And, of course, help them to unwind by bringing these beautiful flowers into their homes.

Clematis: a symbol of mental beauty

Clematis is the symbol of calming flowers
Clematis might very well be the symbol of stress awareness day

We start this list with a flower that – if you ask us – could very well be the symbol of stress awareness day. Clematis is a symbol of mental beauty and ingenuity. With its tendency to climb up walls, sometimes in a very incomprehensible way, it can remind us that there is always another way.

Achillea (Yarrow)

In traditional medicine, Yarrow is used for calming anxiety. It is a cut flower that works well in many bouquets and flower arrangements, thanks to its lush clusters of tiny delicate flowers. This also makes it a very calming flower to look at.

A selection of the varieties that you can find in our webshop:

  • Achillea Cleopatra (light pink)
  • Achillea Deep purple
  • Moonshine (bright yellow)
  • Rednek (a dark shade of red)
  • Walter Funken (also quite dark, but more toward orange)
  • White Beauty
  • Several colors of dried Achillea

Lavandula (Lavender)

Lavender is one of the most famous of calming flowers

Lavender is without a doubt one of the most recognized stress relievers amongst flowers. The aroma of lavender is calming and relaxing. Dried petals have been used for generations to bring a sense of serenity into people’s homes and bedrooms.

Do you want to learn more about ways to inspire your customers with dried lavender? Then you might like our article: 7 ways to target new and existing customers using lavender.

Allium (Chives)

They are truly happy flowers. Allium is said to counter a chemical that blocks the production of serotonin and dopamine, the happiness hormones. In other words: some people believe that Allium can get those happy hormones flowing again.

If that doesn’t work, at least just looking at the fluffy and soft appearance should get you in a better mood.


Chrysanthemum is more than just a beautiful flower to look at, with its lush and eye-catching petal structure. It is also used as an air purifier. This, in turn, is said to have a positive effect on symptoms of worry and stress.


gerbera gerberas flowerwiki holex flower blog
It’s hard to stay stressed when looking at all these beautiful, calming colors

Gerberas are as popular as they are for a reason. They are available in many bright colors. Just like Chrysanthemum, they are regarded as effective air purifiers. Gerberas are said to remove benzene from the air.

Bonus: Blue flowers, the calming color!

Blue – the color of the sky and the sea – is associated with calm, tranquility and peace. It represents the mind and common sense.

Blue is a difficult color to derive from natural products. Nevertheless, there are a number of beautiful blue flowers. Below is a list of blue flowers that can be found in our webshop:

  • Various Delphinium varieties, such as: Dewi Blue Star, Volkerfriede and Blue Shadow
  • Campanula Medium Champion Blue
  • Ageratum Blue Planet
  • Hyacinth Delf Blue
  • Agapanthus Blue Atlantic
  • Anemone Mistral Plus Blue
  • Chrysanthemum Baby Soft Blue
  • Rosa Baby Satin Blue


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Calming effects of flowers

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