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Amaryllis from Canada, with a Dutch Touch

The Amaryllis has always been a beloved Christmas flower. So with Christmas approaching, we wanted to tell you a little bit about Prins Grow, our supplier of Amaryllis from Canada.

Amaryllis has always been a difficult product to ship. The long stems are vulnerable to breakage, and the flowerheads and petals need to remain in optimal condition to show the true beauty of Amaryllis. At the same time, Dutch Amaryllis is highly sought after, owing to its great quality. This poses a challenge for the North American market.

This is why we are proud of our partnership with Prins Grow, a grower of Amaryllis with the same quality standard as Dutch Amaryllises.

Prins Grow was founded in 1998, by Jan and Fabiola Prins. They were born and raised in “Het Westland”, the epicenter of the Dutch greenhouse industry. They moved to Canada because of the spaces and opportunities they saw there. And they did use both of them!

Prins Grow started with 5000 square meters of Statice. Between 2001 and 2003, they doubled in size to about 10,000 square meters. After that, Prins Grow started growing Amaryllis as well. The results are beautiful. You can find three of our favorite varieties below.

Amaryllis Benfica Burgundy

Amaryllis Mont Blanc

Amaryllis Red Lyon

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