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Amazing David Austin Wedding Roses Available in Our Webshop!

While a lot of summer flowers come and go in our range these weeks, we must not forget those amazing David Austin Wedding Roses! These luxury Roses, supplied by Parfum Flower Company, are stunning and perfect for all kinds of romantic floral wedding designs. We’ve picked four varieties to highlight, visit our webshop to see all the offerings!

David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet

The soft peach color of Juliet is astonishing, it almost looks like her heart is glowing! The inner petals are heart-shaped, and this makes Juliet a very romantic variety.

Garden Rose Austin Juliet | Holex Flower

Austin Juliet | Holex Flower

David Austin Wedding Rose Keira

The outer petals of Keira are a bit fringed and have a very lovely light pink color. Keira’s is cream-colored and looks really vintage. The combination of soft pink and cream ensures that she fits in a lot of wedding color palettes!

Garden Rose Austin Keira | Holex Flower

Austin Keira | Holex Flower

David Austin Wedding Rose Patience

Patience is an all-time favorite: the ruffles, cream-colored petals match with every color and every design style!

Garden Rose Austin Patience | Holex Flower

David Austin Wedding Rose Tess

Tess is the first real red of the David Austin Wedding Roses Collection. The intense deep red color combined with the charm of the old Garden Roses makes this a real spectacular variety!

Garden Rose Austin Tess | Holex Flower


David Austin Wedding Rose Offerings

Visit our webshop to see the current David Austin Wedding Roses offerings, or contact your Account Manager for prices and availability!

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