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Amazing Mums of Florisol & Co. Available At Holex USA

Florisol Poms | Holex Flower

The Florisol & Co. range of amazing Mums, Cremone Disbuds, and Anastasia’s is available in the Miami section of our webshop.

Professional Growers from Ecuador

Since 1984, Florisol & Co. has grown into one of the most important companies of the flower industry in Ecuador, with 35 hectares of production it is recognized worldwide for its quality & corporate responsibility. Seeking innovation at every stage, this family-owned business is composed of three farms: Florisol, Piaveri & Clarivel. Each one of them located strategically in the Ecuadorian area in order to provide the flowers the best possible conditions for their healthy development.

Own Laboratory

Florisol has its own tissue lab to guarantee the quality and consistency of all chrysanthemum varieties. Within the company´s lab, constant efforts are maintained in order to grown exquisite, long lasting and illness- resistant flowers every year. As well as natural pesticides, as an effort to reduce the use of chemical products.

Amazing Mums for Fall Season Available Now!

Poms & Disbuds | Holex Flower

For the fall season, we are offering Bronze Standard Mums, Bronze Anastasia’s, Virginia Red Disbud Cremone’s.  For year around buying, we offer Standard mums in lavender, white & yellow. In Anastasia’s, we offer year around yellow, lilac, & white. In Cremone Disbuds year around are yellow, Zembla Lime & Zembla White. All our year around mums are available for standing orders as well. We also are offering a vast line of spray mums.

It’s best to prebook your fall Mums! Crops are somewhat limited, so to be safe, order ahead! You know you will need them for the fall orders.

Also offered by Florisol are Tinted Mums & Airbrushed Mums. In all colors. Any of our Holex USA sales team members can help with colors and photos, or you can take a look in our webshop.

Mums: Versatile & Strong Flowers!

Mums with the vastness they offer are an easy flower for almost any design. They work wonderfully in centerpieces, vase arrangements, large event pieces, and wedding work. They balance nicely with other flowers or make a statement all on their own.

Mums have a very long vase life, upon arrival, unpack from the box, loosen sleeve, re-cut & place in water with a flower food solution. The shapes, colors & sizes sell them themselves all on their own, or you can offer them to your customers as a prebooked sale as well.

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