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And the Stars of this Thanksving are …

Two weeks ago, we announced our new partnership with Marginpar in Africa as an extension of our African product range. We started this collaboration between Marginpar and Holex USA for the convenience of our North American customers. They can now profit from a steady supply of the best flowers that Africa has to offer.

Since Thanksgiving is almost upon us, we wanted to take this opportunity to put the first selection of Marginpar’s products in the spotlight. For ideas to combine these flowers to your color scheme of choice – or other great Thanksgiving flowers – we recommend that you also read:

This week, we are happy to share with you a sample of the beautiful flowers that we will be supplying. Below you can find a selection of Astrantia varieties that we are now offering from Marginpar. We are proud to say that we are their sole supplier in North America.

A little something about Astrantia

The name Astrantia comes from the Latin word for star: “aster,” referring to Astrantia’s star-shaped floral bracts. The actual flowers are in the heart: a bunch of tiny blooms.

Astrantia is a popular flower amongst florists, thanks to its excellent vase life.

Fun fact: the Dutch common name for Astrantia is “Zeeuws Knoopje” (button from Zeeland, a Dutch province), which is also a traditional piece of jewelry. These buttons were made of silver or gold, and served as a status symbol. The bigger the button, the wealthier its wearer.

Astrantia as your all-star during Thanksgiving

Here are some Astrantia varieties that you can expect to find in our webshop. For more product photos, be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • Billion Star
  • Star of Fire
  • Star of Flame
  • Star of Love
  • Star of Promise

Astrantia Billion Star

Astrantia Star of Flame

Astrantia Star of Promise

Astrantia Star of Fire

Astrantia Star of Love

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