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Beautiful Mother’s Day Mini Cymbidiums

Looking for some add-ons for your Mother’s Day range? We have three exciting Mini Cymbidium varieties in our assortment, with the perfect matching color tones for this loving holiday! Get to know the fantastic white-colored Mini Cymbidium Berna Flor and the stunning deep red Mini Cymbidium Lady Flor. Last, but definitely not least, we present to you the lovely pink-colored Mini Cymbidium Sandy Flor. Surprise your customers with these beautiful Mother’s Day Mini Cymbidiums! Check out the pictures below and contact your Account Manager or visit our webshop for availability.

Mini Cymbidium Berna Flor

Berna Flor is a white variety with red and pink accents. This gives the flower an innocent and romantic look at the same time.

Mini Cymbidium Lady Flor

Lady Flor is dark red Cymbidium with stunning patterns on the lips. What a beauty!

Mini Cymbidium Sandy Flor

Sandy Flor has the perfect Mother’s Day colors! It is mainly pink but also has shades of white and red. Such an amazing Cymbidium variety!

Mother’s Day Mini Cymbidiums in Our Webshop

Visit our webshop to see the complete range of Mother’s Day Mini Cymbidiums that we offer, and of course all other interesting pink flowers! Take a look on our blog to get some design inspiration for Mother’s Day, or visit our Pinterest mood board!

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