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Beautiful Peony Novelties [2018]

The European Peony season is rapidly raging over, and our webshop is filled with the most stunning varieties. We really wanted to point out this season’s most beautiful Peony varieties to you!

Peony Ole Faithful | Holex Flower

Peony Ole Faithful

This deep red Peony is really breathtaking! When the bud opens up, you will see that it’s a filled variety, but with the inner leaves folded around the heart like a crown. The petals are really strong, and Ole Faithful has a great vase life!

Peony Etched Salmon | Holex Flower

Peony Etched Salmon

Etched Salmon has, as the name already discovers, a salmon-coral color and the edges of each petal looks like is is bleached a bit. Really stunning, almost like it is watercolored. A must-have for summer wedding designs!

Peony Command Performance | Holex Flower

Peony Command Performance

Another deep Bordeaux red colored Peony, with that vintage, boho look: Command Performance is such a beaut! Use it as a contrasting focal flower in your designs, and success is guaranteed.

Peony Mrs F D Roosevelt | Holex Flower

Peony Mrs. F. D. Roosenfeldt

This is a stunning novelty that must not be confused with the Karl Rosenfield variety. When the bud opens up, you see very gentle soft pink petals with a creamy peach heart. A true romantic beauty!

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