Beautiful Tulip Varieties #1

There are beautiful Tulip varieties available in our cooler! Check out the list of stunning Tulips that we’ve made and surprise your customers with these beauties!

Tulip Ad Rem Beauty | Holex Flower

Tulip Ad Rem Beauty

This stunning Tulip has a beautiful color tones that slowly fade into each other. That, in combination with the shape of the head is just wonderful.

Tulip Anaconda | Holex Flower

Tulip Anaconda

A tall, deep pink colored Tulip that looks great in Valentines day arrangements.

Tulip Beyonce | Holex Flower

Tulip Beyonce

Looks great combined with Hyacinths, Iris or Lilacs for a true color burst!

Tulip Blackjack | Holex Flower

Tulip Blackjack

This dark purple variety can sometimes almost look black. It also has beautiful dark green petals.

Tulip Bullit | Holex Flower

Tulip Bullit

Pew! Bullit is a striking variety that has a wonderful purple color and slowly fades to cream/white at the start of the head.

Tulip Dee Jay Parrot | Holex Flower

Tulip Deejay Parrot

Deejay parrot almost looks like a a little flame. Imagine when you combine multiple of them together.

Tulip Double Endless Love | Holex Flower

Tulip Double Endless Love

Such a romantic pink colored Tulip. Success guaranteed in any Valentine arrangement.

Tulip Icoon | Holex Flower

Tulip Icoon

Orange is the national color of the Netherlands, and Tulips are typical Dutch as well. What more do you want?

Tulip Frill Indiana | Holex Flower

Tulip Frill Indiana

With a deep and intense red color, this frilled Tulip is a real eye-catcher!

Tulip Frill Lingerie | Holex Flower

Tulip Frill Lingerie

Such a sweet Tulip that looks great with the frilled edges.

Tulip Frill Neglige | Holex Flower

Tulip Frill Neglige

A very clean Tulip that has an unique combination of white with a pastel pink colored frilled edge.

Tulip Frill Oviedo | Holex Flower

Tulip Frill Oviedo

There are so many shades of purple in this flower. That makes it great for Easter designs as well!