Beautiful Tulip Varieties #2

We continue with our list of beautiful Tulip varieties that are available right now. These beauties spice up your designs. The possibilities are endless for centerpieces, corsages, wreaths, funeral designs, bouquets and more! Watch the list of the varieties and make sure your range of products contain these amazing Tulip varieties.

Tulip Bombita

Tulip Bombita | Holex Flower

What a beautiful color transition this Tulip variety has. From a dark yellow/orange to mighty red at the bottom. Truly amazing.

Tulip Christmas Gift

Tulip Christmas Gift | Holex Flower

The white pattern on the flower head is really unique. That also makes this Tulip easy to recognize and a real eye-catcher in your designs.

Tulip Homerun

Tulip Double Homerun | Holex Flower

This double yellow/green Tulip is absolutely great for Spring and Easter designs. The double head is impressive as well.

Tulip Gambino

Tulip Gambino | Holex Flower

Orange/salmon is the right description of the color of this Variety. This makes it great for Spring/Easter and in bouquets. This color will lift up the mood of your design.

Tulip Supri Erotic

Tulip Supri Erotic | Holex Flower

A cream/purple variety that opens really nicely. Wonderful color fade towards the top of the head.

Tulip Time Out

Tulip Time Out | Holex Flower

An orange Tulip with a very high head that really stands out from the rest. That makes this variety great for centerpieces and large designs.