Beautiful Tulip Varieties #3

Another week with beautiful Tulip varieties that we’ve selected for you and your customers! Check out the list below with amazing varieties like the frill Hawaii, frill Murcia and Mysterious parrot!

Tulip Hawaii

Tulip Murcia

Such a sweet color and just look at those frilled edge! Simply amazing.

The color is white at the start of the head alnd slowly fades to orange with a purple stripe in the center.

Tulip Mysterious Parrot

Tulip Purple Crystal

Just as the name says.. a mysterious looking Tulip that everyone wants to take a closer look at.

If you’re looking for a purple frilled Tulip than this is the one you want!

Tulip Andre Citroen

Tulip Carola

Did you know that this Tulip is named after the French car manufacturer? The color combination of this Tulip looks great in every design.

The sweet, pastel pink color of Carola is great for Valentine’s Day and Spring!