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Berry Wholesale Guide: Celebrate Fall Season!

The fall season has begun, and the Holex cold rooms are filled with the most beautiful berry products. Berries cannot be forgotten in a fall floral design. Bouquets, centerpieces, and wreaths are turned instantly into fall-spirited beauties when you add these warm-colored little balls! Read this Berry Wholesale Guide, prepare for fall season and find out which berries are available in our webshop in the coming weeks.


At the end of July, the Rosehip season starts, and stunning varieties are visiting our cold rooms. Each variety has a different look: some have large berries, some have countless bunches of small berries. Rosehips are available in red, green, and orange color tones and have stem lengths between 40 and 70 cm. On request even larger branches are available!

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Viburnum Inge

The most well-known Viburnum variety is Roseum. You probably will recognize it when you see it: the woody branches with big balls of tiny fresh, light-green colored flowers. But did you know that there are also berry-carrying Viburnum varieties? Viburnum Inge is a variety with dark berries that we can ship perfectly, and that should not be missed in this Berry Wholesale Guide. Viburnum Inge is available from the end of August to the end of October, with stem lengths between 50 and 70 cm.

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Just a few stems of Rosehip in a vase instantly create a fall décor

Fall season is the season when Hypericum really radiates


Although Hypericum is available year-round, this time of the year the sturdy branches filled with Berry bunches really radiate. Hypericum is available in a wide palette of colors, from white to light pink, and from coffee brown to deep red. Stem lengths vary between 40 to 60 cm, and this makes Hypericum a perfect product to use in fall bouquets.

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Snowberries (officially known as Symphoricarpos) are available from mid-August to mid-October. Despite their common name, there is only a tiny chance that it will be snowy in this period of the year! All varieties have beautiful, soft-colored berries, and are available with stem lengths from 35 to 80 cm. Perfect for fall weddings, because designers can use the various lengths for large and small floral designs to create the perfect fall décor.

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Add a romantic boost to a fall wedding floral design with Snowberry

Ilex is also available in fall season


When you think of winter, you think of Ilex. But did you know that Ilex is mostly available in fall season? That is why Ilex also can be found in our Berry Wholesale Guide. The red, orange, and yellow berries are perfect for fall floral designs. We have various Ilex varieties available from mid-October till Christmas time. Keep an eye on our webshop to check the availability!

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Callicarpa is one of the most peculiar-looking berry-carrying branches in fall time! The woody stems have distinct-looking bulbs of purple-colored berries on them. If you are on the lookout for a design part that your customers will remember for sure, Callicarpa is your berry of choice! It is available from the end of September till the end of November.

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Callicarpa gives a fall floral design a distinct look

Berry Floral Design Inspiration

In any need for design inspiration for the coming fall season? On our blog, you will find tons of design tutorials, and of course, all products can be found on our webshop! Take a look at these videos:

Spectacular floral fall dress with Rosehips

Amazing fall centerpiece with Hypericum

Stylish fall garland with Hypericum

Lobby centerpiece with Ilex and Viburnum Inge

Stunning fall wedding bouquet with Snowberry

Berries in the Holex Webshop

Visit our webshop regularly in the coming weeks to see which berry varieties we offer! If you have any questions about information in this Berry Wholesale Guide, product availability, or pricing, please contact your Holex Account Manager. Not a Holex customer yet? Contact us to start registration!

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