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The 14 Best Valentine Flowers for 2021

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to surprise your loved one with beautiful flowers. For the floral professional, this means that the weeks leading up to V-Day are amongst the busiest weeks of the year.

Of course, you don’t want to miss out on possible Valentine’s Day sales.

That’s why it is essential to make sure you have the right flowers. We’ve selected all the best Valentine flowers for 2021 for you. So all that you need to do, is order them in our webshop and check them off your list.

This list is a combination of the most popular Valentine’s Flowers of last year and current trends. The featured images are just a small part of all the different varieties of these 14 flowers that you can find in our webshop.

14 best Valentine flowers for 2020

1. Roses

There’s no escaping it: Roses are still the number one Valentine’s Flower for 2021 and probably for many years to come. It’s why we dedicated so many of these Valentine’s bouquet ideas to combinations with Roses.

Red Roses are by far the most sought after. But since not every red Rose is the same, here are the most popular red Roses for 2021:

  • Rose Madam Red
  • Rose Choco Red Love R394
  • Rose Ever Red
  • Rose Red Elegance
  • Rose Red Torch
  • Spray Rose Rubicon

Reading tip: this is why we give each other Red roses for Valentine’s Day.

Other Roses that you should stock up on are:

  • Spray Rose Aerobic: a beautifully delicate light pink
  • Spray Rose Party Trendsetter: a deeper, darker shade of pink

2. Tulips

Tulips are in our opinion the alternative for Roses to give someone for Valentine’s Day. Below you find the symbolic meanings behind the two most romantic colors that you can recommend to your customers.

Do you want to discover when to suggest yellow, orange, or purple Tulips? Keep on reading here.

Red Tulips

By gifting these, the giver implies that the receiver is “The One” for him or her.

  • Our suggestions: Tulip Strong Love, Tulip Ile de France and Tulip Red Princess.

Pink Tulips

When your customers want to send a more delicate message, pink Tulips show affection to the receiver.

  • Our suggestion: Tulip Dynasty.
Tulip Ile de France is a beautiful bright-red tulip for Valentine’s Day

3. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers might not be the first product you think on when considering what to put in your Valentine’s Day stock. But that’s just the thing: you really should!

As this article will show you, dried flowers are more popular than ever. They symbolize an immortal, everlasting kind of love. Just the message your customers want to send their truest Valentine! Here are some suggestions, but you can find all kinds of shapes, colors, and varieties of dried flowers in our webshop.

  • Lavender: not only beautiful and romantic thanks to the deep purple but also because of the iconic and intoxicating fragrance. It’s not for nothing that so many massage oils are Lavender scented.
  • Helianthus: giving someone a bunch of little suns is perhaps the most ideal way to tell them you love them.
Helianthus Dried

4. Lisianthus

Lisianthus offers the beauty of the Rose, but without the thorns. It symbolizes appreciation, gratitude, and charisma. If that doesn’t say “Valentine” we don’t know what does.

Lisianthus Rosita Hot Lips | Holex Flower
Lisianthus Rosita Hot Lips

5. Ranunculus

Ranunculus flowers are a symbol of wealth, happiness, and festivity.

Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi | Holex Flower Wholesale
Ranunculus Cloni Hanoi

6. Daffodil

Let us convince you that Daffodils should always be in your stock for Valentine’s Day. In the Western world, it symbolizes selfishness and vanity. This correlates with its botanical name: Narcissus. In ancient Greece, Narcissus was an astonishingly handsome youth who broke many a girl’s heart. As a lesson in humility, the god Nemesis lured Narcissus to a pond and showed him his own image. Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection and eventually drowned in the pond. On that same spot, a beautiful yellow flower appeared.

This makes of the Narcissus, or Daffodil, a symbol of vanity, but also of extreme beauty.

What makes the Daffodil a true Valentine’s flower, however, is the meaning that it bears in non-Western cultures. In some oriental countries, the hanging trumpets of these flowers symbolize hidden love. Secret lovers and long-distance lovers send each other Daffodil flowers to express their love. Since Valentine’s Day is all about secret admirers and hidden lovers, this flower is perfectly suited for your V-Day arrangements.

Daffodil Spray Avalanche | Holex Flower
Daffodil Avalanche

7. Peony

Of course, the Peony can’t be missing on this list. The delicate but lush flower heads make this one of the most beloved flowers to give to that special one.

Peony Sarah Bernhardt

8. Cymbidium

In China, Cymbidium is a flower of friendship. It’s also very popular at weddings. So this one is especially relevant for those in a more serious relationship!

Cymbidium Valentine

9. Hyacinth

Let’s be honest: before you’re giving someone Hyacinths for Valentine’s Day, you need to be absolutely sure that they’ll be able to appreciate the particular smell. If you know they do, then there is nothing more lovely to receive than a bouquet of these smellers in your favorite color.

The Hyacinth stands for peace, beauty, and soft love.

Hyacinth Sweetheart

10. Calla

In ancient Greece and Rome, this flower was associated with fun and partying. This was thanks to the fact that the Calla is shaped like the chalice used to serve wine. Coincidentally, that’s also where the Calla got its name.

Of course, every love and relationship is something to celebrate. But even more in line with Valentine’s Day tradition, is that Callas symbolize beauty, purity, and innocence.

Calla Cherry Kiss

11. Anemone

The Anemone is a symbol of honesty and care. Giving someone a bouquet of Anemones sends the message that you wish to be together with that person. This makes Anemones great flowers for both longtime lovers and those who want to ask someone to be their Valentine.

Anemone Mistral Red

12. Gerbera

Gerberas are beautiful, delicate flowers. Since they’re available in so many different, bright colors, there’s always a bouquet of Gerberas to be found that’s excellent for your Valentine. What’s more, they are a symbol of mercy, spontaneity, and merriness. All ingredients that any good relationship or marriage could use!

Gerbera Pasta Rosata

13. Astrantia

Astrantia is also known as the “star herb” because of the flowerheads that are shaped like stars. Actually, this shape can also be traced in the Latin name Astrantia: “aster” means “star”. It is a symbol of courage, strength, and protection.

What could be more romantic than giving a bouquet of small, bright-colored stars to the one you love? And there are lots of different varieties to choose from, from Astrantia Star of Love to the Astrantia Star of Promise: there’s always a star to send the right message. For all available varieties, please visit our webshop.

Astrantia Roma

14. Syringa

Last but not least: Syringa. In its most recognizable lilac color, Syringa stands for first love. This makes it the perfect flower for all the people out there who are secretly in love and dreaming of finally winning the heart of their true love this V-Day.

Syringa Dark Koster

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