Buyer’s Choice: Favorite Yellow Spring Flowers

When you think of spring, you think of yellow! Yellow is one of the most prominent colors of the season, and we see a lot of available seasonal beauties in this bright, happy color. Think of Fritillaria, Craspedia, and Freesia: real spring eye-catchers! Our buying team has selected their favorite yellow spring flowers which are in our cooler now. We hope to inspire you with this!

Favorite Yellow Spring Flowers | Holex Flower

Our Favorite Yellow Spring Flowers:

  • Calla Golden Nugget – Elegant, with a cheerful color: Golden Nugget is a perfect Calla for spring wedding decorations!
  • Fritillaria Lutea – This big Fritillaria variety is a real eye-catcher! Its firm, long stem makes it possible to use easily in larger arrangements.
  • Ornithogalum Yellow Star – All flowers of this Ornithogalum open up, and they really burst out the season!
  • Grevillea Spiderman – The sturdy looking Spiderman adds an extraordinary touch to each spring design.
  • Ranunculus Cloony Omega – The deep yellow color of this stunning Cloony variety matches perfectly well with all other tones of yellow. Try and be amazed!
  • Tulip Yellow Wing – This parrot Tulip variety has nice yellow petals with a touch of fresh green; they look just like wings!
  • Rose Viva! – Viva is a small-flowered Rose variety and has a lovely appearance.
  • Tulip Parrot King – Add extra texture to your spring bouquets with this nice Parrot Tulip.
  • Solidago Golden Glory – A perfect flowers for bohemian spirited designs! Wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages: Solidage Golden Glory fits in every way!
  • Craspedia Globlosa – These funny yellow balls can be used perfectly in playful, modern floral designs.
  • Lisianthus Croma Yellow – The sweet pastel yellow color of Croma yellow is great to use in rustic looking spring bouquets.
  • Freesia Yvonne – Freesia is known for its wonderful fragrance. Combine this with the happy color of Yvonne, and we have a spring winner!
  • Rose Penny Lane – Perfect for classy, romantic spring designs.
  • Hyacinth Yellowstone – Don’t you just love the fragrance of Hyacinth? Spring, here we come!
  • Ranunculus Butterfly Phytalos – Butterfly Ranunculi can have up to 12 flowers per stem! A real nice filler for romantic field bouquets.
  • Daffodil Standard Value – The bright yellow colored trumpet of this Daffodil cheerfully announces the spring season!
  • Hypericum Ivory Flair – Although this is not an actual yellow flower, it is still a favorite, because Ivory Flair matches great with all shades of yellow.
  • Celosia Act Inca – The comb of Celosia Inca has an extraordinary appearance. If you are looking for something different, this is your flower of choice!