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Holex USA: Canadian Amaryllis Available Now!

Amazing Canadian Amaryllis are growing for this winter season. Prins Grow Inc is a company specialized in producing Amaryllis with the highest technology to guarantee the highest quality in its products. Prins Grow Inc in partnership with Holex USA, are prepared to offer the most beautiful varieties of Amaryllis such as Red Lion and Mont Blanc for the winter season. Contact your sales representative for more product information or pre-book directly in our webshop Miami section!

Amaryllis Red Lion
Amaryllis Mont Blanc

Prins Grow, Inc: Dutch Roots, Canadian Amaryllis Success

Jan and Fabiola Prins are a dynamic team inspired by a dream. Both from a long line of growers in Holland, they bring their unique skills and talents to the Prins Grow team, growing Canadian Amaryllis. Their success today is testimony that it works. 

Jan Prins expanded his knowledge with an Agricultural Degree in Holland.  He brings a solid technical background to the team. Constantly looking to improve efficiencies in operations, production, and quality he keeps up–to–date on international and emerging technologies. Jan’s passion for the product has also made him successful in selling these new products to wholesalers and retailers in North America. Always looking for new ways to deliver his quality product and expand the business. Jan actively participates in the Ontario Growers Board where he contributes his international knowledge to local growers. 

Fabiola has lived and breathed agriculture her whole life. Taking courses as required to support what they needed for the business, she became the planner, administrator, and marketer. She takes leadership in the planning and administration areas, and she brings innovation and creativity to the team. Fabiola has been Marketing Director for Pick Ontario. She is a firm believer in promoting local products to the Region and does what she can as an advocate.

Together, Fabiola and Jan, have grown an operation from zero to a consistent million dollars in sales year over year. They started with a dream and a knowing: Canadian Amaryllis would become a success. They invested everything to come to the Niagara Region in 1998 and because they are such an amazing team, now have a noteworthy Agricultural Operation in Niagara Region that is the sole North American Supplier for both Statice and Cut Amaryllis. Together they serve the community serving breakfasts on Sundays with the “Out of the Cold” Program. Their children, Sarah and Fay are also contributing members to the success of Prins Grow Inc. working on school holidays side by side with their parents.

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