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Classic Hydrangea Grower Tour

In August, our Hydrangea buyer Jordy visited growers in the Eastern part of Holland to check how the fresh Hydrangeas were grown. Now, more then two months later, Jordy went back to see how the Classic Hydrangeas are grown, to talk with the growers and check for the latest news.

Queens Flowers

Jordy’s first stop was Queens Flower in Velden. Amongst the classic varieties that they grow are Pimpernel, Elbtal and Rudy Red.

A very nice and beautiful surprise was the announcement of a new variety that they will grow.

Queens Verena Classic Purple
Verena Classic Purple

Queens New Variety
Queens Flowers new variety

Houben Hydrangea

The second visit of the day was at Houben Hydrangea. According to Jordy, this grower grows the most beautiful Vuurbaak variety. They also grow Elbtal Classic and Schneeball.

Houben Vuurbaak
A beautiful Vuurbaak


Nijssen is located in Baarlo. This grower takes care in growing beautiful varieties like Elbtal Classic but also the Adora Classic.

Nijssen Greenhouse | Holex Flower
The greenhouse looks great at the moment!

De Tijningen

Next stop was De Tijningen in Zaltbommel. With 2,5 hectaures, De Tijningen is a real family business; the Hydrangeas are grown with love. They grow a large variety of classic Hydrangeas this year and next year they will double the amount of Hydrangea Marsepein!

De Tijningen Schneeball | Holex Flower
Hydrangea Schneeball with it’s bright, white color.

Maatschap Ermstrang

Maatschap Ermstrang is located in Brakel, Gelderland. The growers showed Jordy their beautiful varieties and they were especially proud of the Dark Ruby. And what a beauty it is!

Ermstrang Dark Ruby | Holex Flower
Look at the amazing color! Beautiful!


Saving the best for last? Maybe! Eeuwes is located in Bemmel, Gelderland. And what Jordy saw here was stunning. A mutation of the Ruby! Eeuwes will try to produce this mutation next year aswell. Exciting!

Eeuwes Ruby Mutation | Holex Flower
The Ruby mutation. Wonderful!

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