Cymbidium Medium

We are very happy to announce that from now on we can offer you and your customers a new line of Cymbidium varieties. The line goes by the name of Cymbidium Medium. The size of the Cymbidiums are like name name says: medium. They are bigger than the mini Cymbidiums, but smaller than the regular Cymbidium. Contact your account manager for more information or visit our webshop to order them right away!

Berna Flor

A white Cymbidium variety with red lips and a even green stem

Early Flame

Red Cymbidium with a light pink lip and very light stripes on the leaves

Early Smoke

A yellow/creamy Cymbidium variety

George Harrison

A red but also almost brown Cymbidium Medium variety with a dark stem

Green Hedi

Very light green Cymbidium medium variety with a lot of flowers and white lips

Green King

Light Green Cymbidium medium with dark red lip

Jamani Flor

Deep red colored Cymbidium with red lips that have a little white edge

Kabaki Flor

Yellow pastel Cymbidium Medium with a light pink and cream lip

King Emerald

Apple green colored Cymbidium Medium with white and red lips

Lady Flor

Dark Red almost brown Cymbidium Medium Lady Flor with the same colored lips

Sandy Flor

Light Pink Cymbidium Medium Sandy Flor with red lips

Snow Blossom

White Cymbidium variety Medium snow blossom

Suda Flor

Dark red cymbidium mediun suda flor with red lips

Yowi Flor

Red cymbidium variety medium yowi flor