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Dried and Painted Flowers for Winter Floral Designs

With Christmas days nearby, it might seem difficult to choose which flowers to order for your stock this period of the year. Dried and painted flowers are very trendy and have a great vase life as well. This, and the fact that you can create the most stunning designs with them, makes us put together a list of dried and painted flowers for winter floral designs that are all available in the Holex webshop. Be inspired!

Dried And Painted Flowers for Winter Floral Designs: Products to Discover

Everlasting flowers are great to have in stock in the months of December and January because they are so versatile. Use them in your last-minute festive creations, and use the leftovers in wintery designs that enlighten the first period of the new year.

Achillea Champagne

Hence the name, these dried and painted Achilleas are great to use at your end of the year’s floral decorations. But afterward, champagne-colored flowers can be combined beautifully with whites, cremes, and browns for new year’s designs.

Achillea Champagne

Bracken Fern Bleached

Bracken Ferns have such a delicate structure, it will match any kind of design style. Classic, bohemian or modern: Bracken Fern takes the spotlight! The Holex webshop carries a wide range of colors, which are available per bunch. These bleached Bracken Ferns have a great look and feel, and will surely be a good stock product.

Bracken Fern Bleached

Cortaderia Pampas Grey (dried)

It’s inevitably clear that Cortaderia is one of the most popular dried flowers used by florists and event planners at the moment. These plumes can have a stem length of 180 cm, and therefore perfect for large floral designs! If you have lobby designs planned, or maybe a wedding, this grey-painted Cortaderia variety might be your product of choice. Grey matches amazingly with all other color tones, and also with silver, gold, and other shiny hues.

Cortaderia Pampas Grey

(Gossypium) Cotton

Let’s have some design fun! The fluffy white balls on these cotton branches look like little snowballs, and that’s why we think they definitely belong in our list of dried and painted flowers for winter floral designs! In the Holex webshop, Gossypium (Cotton) is available with stem lengths from 60 to 90 cm. Perfect for an instant drop of texture in any kind of floral design. Unfortunately, we cannot ship this product to the USA.

Gossypium (Cotton)

Palm Spears Naturel (dried)

Who isn’t yet familiar with Palm Spears yet? You should definitely introduce them to your customers! The Holex webshop carries a lot of colors, and also this beautiful natural variety. Because of its color and shape, this will be a great product to use in your customer’s floral designs!

Palm Spear Natural (dried)

Palm Sun Metallic Pink

If you are on the lookout for exciting products to surprise your customers, you cannot miss out on these dried ad metallic pink colored Palm Sun! They have bigger leaves compared to their Spears brothers and have a great vase life as everlasting greens. Perfect to have in stock any time! We also offer a lot of other color options, if metallic pink isn’t your color of choice. Check out the Holex webshop for current offerings!

Palm Sun Metallic Pink

Dried And Painted Flowers in The Holex Webshop

Besides all the fresh flowers ad greenery you can imagine, you can find a very wide range of dried and painted everlasting products in the Holex webshop. Log in to see the current offerings! Don’t have a webshop login yet? Contact us!

Wintery Floral Design Inspiration

Visit our Winter Pinterest moodboard or our Dried flowers moodboard for more floral inspiration!

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