Dried And Preserved Flowers Available Now

Our beautiful range of dried flowers is available again. They are great to use in any design and with a large collection of different colors available you cannot go wrong. Check out 6 of our favorite dried flowers and see our webshop for current offerings.

Dried Flowers Varieties | Holex Flower
  1. Helichrysum Dried  White – This vintage flower with soft, bright colors will never get bored.
  2. Brooms Preserved White – This wonderful flower is now also available in the wintery white color.
  3. Lavender Preserved Purple – One of the most common and popular dried flowers available.
  4. Amaranthus Caudatus Dried – This flower also known as love-lies-bleeding keeps its beauty even when its preserved.
  5. Lagurus Dried – Also know as Bunny Tails. This flower makes your designs more delicate and playful.
  6. Ozothamnus Preserved White– With it’s origin in Australia and New Zealand this preserved flower will surely grab your attention.